Blogger Pay Off

The good thing about blogging, is that if you write that you like something on your blog, someone might actually buy it for you!

See above brass pencil holder. No way I would bounce 60-something dollars on my own pencil holder, but my awesome sister in law got it for me as a gift! WOOHOO!

God-forbid there would be an actual monetary pay-off to blogging, but there is the other kind: Feeling important.

Most of the time I assume no one gives a crap what I write on my blog, but apparently at HGTV, they do give a crap. A lot of a crap.

Here is what I learned:

1. They have a staff (a surprisingly young staff) that reads blogs all day everyday while watching TV. (They should hire me, because I am already an expert.)

2. They compile trend boards based on those blogs every month.

3. Since I was invited to that HGTV luncheon, I am apparently an harbinger of taste in my city.

4. They know what we write about them (and Vern) and in real life, he is a really nice guy.

5. They are going in a newer -younger- direction with their programming and Emily’s new show is going to be the start of all that.

6. They know they screwed up Design Star this year with all those crazy group challenges.

7. They might call some of the bloggers to appear on camera one day soon. (ME! PICK ME! NICOLE FROM BROOKLYN!!!)

All in all, very informative. I’m VERY excited to see where they go with all this. VERY.

As for the Rue Party…. I didnt take one damned picture. Not a one.

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  1. Pretty cool meet-up.
    You are having such a great time.
    Enjoy Nate!
    xo xo
    PS Not that you need it Miss Blog Girl About Town, but I gave you a little mention today :-)

  2. Ooo interesting tidbits. Kinda feels like Big Brother a bit spying on everything. But I guess it isn’t spying if you put your shit out on the internet.

  3. You love your life! Those pencils look great, no shock, and how interesting to find out all that stuff about HGTV. It is about time they change their traget audience.


    Rebecca June

  4. Everything about this post leaves me feeling very excited. Pencil holder is very cute – and I’m not even into gold… and who the heck is lucky enough to land a job reading blogs?


  5. I have been eyeing that exact pencil holder over on Jayson Home and Garden for like ever! :) Your sil rocks! A job reading blogs and watching tv? Are you kidding me? Reason #453 why I should have never gone to law school…that’s crazy!

  6. PS: Get HGTV to do an art show like the one on Bravo…and then, you know, star in it!

  7. Ooh, I love getting the behind-the-scenes scoop on things like this. Good to know HGTV realized how badly they screwed up Design Star. Here’s hoping things start to improve!

  8. haaaa. thanks for coming to our lunch nicole. also, figured it out today. it was your bedroom that we talked about internally. you have my info. keep in touch, keep shouting your opinions. we’re totally listening. vern will be happ that we are getting the word out about how nice he is (he really is, and funny too, i promise)

    great meeting you. you crack me up.


  9. nichole. babe. it was so awesome to meet you in person at the Nate Show. loved your family. and loved this post. I had to cancel the hgtv lunch since we didn’t come into the city on Monday. so glad you posted about it. sounds like they are totally on board with the right stuff…thanks for the update. donna

  10. Glad you like it, Nicole. We like you! (And your awesome sister in law.) (And your blog.)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hey!! Welcome to the blog! Im honored- because I am HUGE SUPER DUPER FAN of your store! I post your stuff all the time… Be on the lookout because your various products are always popping up in my wish list posts!