Black, White and Gold all over

This picture is from Kelly Wearstler’s website… its a vignette showcasing her collection for Bergdorf’s.

OBVIOUSLY, I’m in love with it. For all her wacked out kooky-ness, the girl can decorate. Unfortunately, the stuff at BG is ridiculously expensive, even in a world of ridiculous excess. I dont know about you, but Im not about to spend thousands on brass spheres, hundreds on marble boxes and upwards of 20G’s for a chair. NOPE.

Here is how we are going to get the look for less:

1. This console from Former Furniture $1650.

2. A piece of my art and you must frame it in gold metal, like I told y’all the first time! $250 (And there are like ten other black and white ones to choose from!)

3. Marble Risers from Wisteria $69

4. Black and white boxes from West Elm. $14 – $22 5. 5 x 8 rug by Haus. $385. 6. Silver glass vase on Amazon$29.99

7. The Spheres… $385- $895 These are the hardest to get right for cheap…  Or these. They are meant to hang on a wall, but I think you can just place one on a table and get a cool effect. $115

OR these bowls, different, but still effective. $32 – $85

I also love these boxes…. $82- $98 And Im still obsessed with this pencil holder. I should just buy it already cause I am so in love. $65

So there you have it, Black, White and Gold all over, Kelly Wearstler style.

I need some of this ASAP.

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  1. Love it. Black, white, gold- what could be better?

  2. I’ve wanted to take on Kelly’s kaleidoscope stars as a DIY for a while now just trying to find the right thing to make em with. That pencil holder is awesome!!!!!!!

  3. rara says:

    came to see elles post!
    am in love w everything!

    love ur blahhhg

  4. I, of course, love this post. I was secretly hoping that you had somehow found the Zara Home glasses though. If you ever do, get a set for me and I will owe you for life.


    Rebecca June

  5. Amber S. says:

    Nicole – your art is just gorgeous, I love it and thi post :) !!!

  6. Ann says:

    Kelly’s stuff doesn’t look so unique next to all the items you found on cheaper sites. Wait, there will be line for line knock offs soon enough.

  7. Irene says:

    Have been loving ur blog for a while-first comment! Found very similar,very cheap spheres at…..don’t ask why I’m up and reading blogs at this ungodly hour

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hey Irene, Welcome to the blog!

      Yea those are cool, they are meant to hang on a wall though. I think they could work just laying on a table though…