A room with a view.

So, you know how I go to my MIL’s place in NJ for the summer and complain about it for 3 straight months? Well, I came back for the weekend because we painted Cookie’s room this week (Stay TUNED! WOOHOO!) and my husband thought I should show you what I’m complaining about. That way, you will all know what a complete and utter bitch I am.

So, behold. The view from my bedroom window:

(You aren’t crazy, these pictures are from different days. Some of from June when the roses were blooming. The gloomy ones are from today.)

Anyway, its my last weekend here until spring… Bye Bye NJ!

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  1. do you think we could pretend that I’m your mother in law, just for a week or two…?

    (post some pics of that newly painted room…)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hahaha… come on over!

      I will when I get back. I left when they started. I had to get the babe away from the fumes.

  2. Motech says:

    Yah life sure is tough!
    Does the music still work around the pool? I love that house.
    Most relaxing backyard in the area.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Of course it does! Yea… its really a rough life over here. Seriously hard living;)

  3. Vivian N says:

    lol nicole too funny! its really a sick house!

  4. life sucks sweetie. grab a helmet ;)

    kidding. xo.

  5. Eddie C says:

    I get the best of both worlds

  6. ok, so you might be a bitch, but i still love you.


    Rebecca June

  7. You’re one funny bitch!

  8. maybe we could arrange a marriage between cookie and one of my sons….

  9. sarah, flourish design + style says:

    Bitch. ( I say with a ton of love )

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