My favorite spread in the New Lonny:

Ryan Korban. New Lonny.

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  1. Me too! It’s a nice balance of glamour, not too over the top!

  2. I have not had a chance to flip through Lonny yet, but I am now beyond excited. I wish I lived in this dreamy little apt.


    Rebecca June

  3. My gawd the bedding and pillows are scrumptious. He’s the master of modern, clean, decadence.

  4. when i saw this place i imeeds thought of you. pretty place.

  5. LOVED this. Though the article had me wondering – what 25 year old can hire a designer and spend money on gorgeous furnishings! So jealous!

  6. that was my Fave too…you have goooood taste. :)

  7. carak says:

    this apartment is my favorite, too! (a close second are those graphic triangle glasses!) but i have to agree with alissa – what 25 year old can afford it?

  8. Does the article say where the bedding was purchased? I’m in love!

  9. Livi says:

    what is the dresser next to the bed made of? it would totally drive me nuts that the two top drawers don’t line up correctly!