Damn You ZARA Home!

I literally cant stop thinking about these glasses from LONNY. I would have bet my last dollar that they were vintage. NOPE.  I actually decided to read the text next to the pictures for some clues.

The are from ZARA HOME in Paris… and they are the designers favorites too. And they were “a great price” to boot! COME TO THE US ALREADY! It’s not fair!

Also, if anyone can figure out how I can get these, since they arent on the website…. let me know!

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  1. when i saw them i though the same thing…they would look so great on my bar.

  2. Chantal says:

    I can have a look for you at Zara Home. I live in Spain where zara comes from, I am not sure if they are in the collection, but I can stop by 3 stores I have near my apartment.
    Let me know how to stay in touch with you in case i find them and how to send them to you by post.
    Maybe in a near future i can ask you the same favour for an weste elm or other nice shop that we do not have in europe.