More from Grandma’s House

Grams loves a good screen… She has about 5 of them in her house!  (She also has a framed piece of Gracie wallpaper that she has no place for anymore since she repainted the stairwell it hung in… I’m begging for it. It’s silver! I need that for my LR Grandma!)

She also loves a pink and green printed sofa.( In fact, she loves pink and green.)  That one is also 35 years old. It has been reupholstered, but  in the same fabric as the original.

I love the wicker chairs and the burl wood table.

Also that painting on the right was made by my aunt.

I love this house (obviously) and I have been hanging with Grandma everyday, so thats why I keep posting pictures of it. I’m on a mission to have her throw out every dried flower in the house… It’s not working.

Gram and I are going antiquing later. So excited!

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  1. Love your granny’s house so much!
    Keep the photos coming!
    And toss the flowers when she’s asleep.
    xo xo

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Me too! I will… Isnt it amazing how 35 years later it doesnt seem dated?

  2. I love love love the table and the lighting.

  3. i was totally eyeing the wicker chair-i’m imagining it with a great bold printed cushion-like ikat. isn’t it great when you see items in your grandparents house that are so “in” right now! that’s great you get to spend so much time with her!

  4. more grams house.

  5. love the house….elegant,comfortable……

  6. I love the color of your Grandma’s sofa. Wow really?, its 35 yrs. old? Good thing she still preserved the sofa. I love to stay a home like this. I can feel that both of you enjoy each companionship. Regards to your grandma!


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