Lanvin, New York.

Lanvin’s Boutique in NYC opens today… finally. And from these pictures, its as fab as their clothing. Who would expect less.

This really makes me want to head back to the city and start shopping for fall. Not pre-fall. FALL. It’s so FN hot and I already had my vacation, so I’m really ready for fall. Fall is the best time of year for me. Eating outside in restaurants…Warm days with no humidity, and perfect city weather… Now we just have to get through the hellstorm that is August.

Speaking of Lanvin fall shopping… I have a hankering for a Lanvin bag. How cute is this one:

Although, I would probably go with all black or nude, because at $1555 I wouldnt want to get sick of it.

One of these three….  $1760. I LOVE the nude and black, but something about the red one is particularly awesome.

Gotta head to the store to scope out the goodies first!


815 Madison Avenue

between 68th and 69th Streets

New York, NY 10065

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  1. Wow, the first pic is so YOU. I love Lanvin, and it seems their boutique lives up to their fashion.

  2. you make me even sadder that I live so far from NYC…

  3. claudy says:

    According to racked nyc “
    It’s still delayed. Unforeseen electrical outages have pushed back the official opening to
    early next week, but the store has quietly opened the first two floors this afternoon for their clients and serious shoppers who need their Lanvin fix
    now. When we say serious shoppers, we mean like the
    true housewives of New York City—expensive highlights, immaculate blowouts, eight-carat rings and all—who are so hellbent on getting their manicured hands on some fall Lanvin, they will shop
    sans air-conditioning and guided only by the light of the sun and a Diptyque candle.” I wonder if jill zarin made the cut

    • Nicole says:


      That is beyond hilarious… I know plenty of people who fall into that category!

  4. Nicole says:

    Wait Claudy-

    Which color should i get? Nude, black or red?

    Kinda liking the red…

  5. claudy says:


  6. Laura says:

    No competition… get the red!!