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Hi everyone, I’m Sue from The Zhush.  When Nicole asked me to do a guest post about style in my “neck of the woods”…I knew exactly what I would be writing on.

I actually don’t live all that far from Nicole,  but the little “hamlet” of Pound Ridge, New York where I live is actually worlds apart from New York City.

When we moved up here to the Northern, rural part of Westchester County a decade ago, I literally mourned the lack of cool shopping destinations (thank goodness for the internet!).
Our little town of Pound Ridge is mostly a weekend area for New York city residents, which makes me and my family…townies!  We have several little antique stores in our tiny town, (at least eight or nine), about two hundred real estate agencies, forty banks, two nail salons….but no pharmacy and no movie theatre.  Its an odd sort of town to say the least.

That’s why I was so thrilled when Avante Garden opened up here several years ago, in an old 1950’s gas station (which was a previous eye sore)!

The husband and wife owners have a great eye and fabulous sense of style.

Not only did they create such a unique and chic storefront out of this old and funky building, but inside the collection of art, lighting and furniture is amazing and very inspiring!

In love with this whole vignette…especially that gorgeous armillary.

Dying over these cool fixtures!

It all makes living in a one horse town seem a bit more glam!

And, if your thinking the name of this shop sounds a bit familiar….

not only are many of these fab items available on 1st dibs,

but Nate Berkus recently listed Avant Garden as one of his
sources in the most recent issue of Elle Decor!Suddenly I don’t feel like such a “hick” any more!

Now if only I could figure out where to get a good bagel…..

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  1. Sue,
    It’s a great shop! I am madly in love with the demilune, stone topped, caged front tables!!! I’ll be thinking of them all day!

    Thanks Nicole!

  2. Hi Sue! Pound Ridge got a dose of cool when you arrived! But, Avant Garden just gave me another reason to drive over! Thanks for the introduction. If you and Nate are in….so am I! xoxo, Elizabeth

  3. What a great shop (and name!), thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks like the perfect place to stumble upon unique finds and I love what they did with the exterior. What a fun place!

  5. Looks like the kind of place I could get into A LOT of trouble! ;)

  6. Well, I live in an even more remote outpost…up in Poughkeepsie. Talk about lack of design….
    But, I go down to Darien all the time, stopping along the way to get my dose of design. So I will most def. stop by Avant Garden! But you know, when you’re used to living in Manhattan, everything else just does pale in comparison!
    Thanks, Libby

  7. I see about 14 things I could easily find a home for.

  8. Therese Long says:

    Your town sounds perfect to me. I can see why you love this shop, although you lost me after you said 1st dibs… OUCH

  9. OMG, I want to come and take a field trip…what fab stuff!

  10. What an awesome store! So much like the one I want to open someday. I love that they turned an eye sore into eye candy. There are so many opportunities for greatness in the ugliest of places :) Awesome post Susan!

  11. Awesome post, Sue! Of course you would seek out the super hip! I would go crazy in that shop, for sure! XO!

  12. i can spot at least 4 things in each photo that i want.

  13. Megan says:

    Wow, I’m drooling already, what a great idea for a shop!

  14. Looks like I could do alot of damage in there!