Guest Blogger/Boca Raton: Reluctant Floridian

Greetings from…well, not Palm Beach. I’m Rebecca, aka the Reluctant Floridian, and I live in Boca Raton, the punchline of many jokes about old people. (Totally true, btw.)

Florida style is tricky. I want it to look like a Slim Aarons photo. Specifically, this:

But it often goes towards excess. Think Carmela Soprano kitchens and custom-painted Lamborghinis with vanity plates. Imagine women of a certain age poured into ensembles appropriate for teenagers, with enough plastic surgery to pay for a college education.

I will not subject you to images of such horrors, but trust that they exist. Instead, how about a little tour of my Florida home?

Let’s start outside. Some people are beach people, some are pool people. I say, “Why choose?”

After a dip in the body of water of your choice, won’t you join us on the porch for an Arnold Palmer?

A seahorse, coral accents and a clamshell walk into a bar…and it’s totally OK, because they’re meeting their friends—the palm leaf chandelier and a posse of bamboo chairs.

Check your tan (or, in my case, freckles) in a seashell-trimmed mirror. Don’t the tiles in this bath remind you of sea glass?

Dorothy Draper allegedly said, “Show me no gravy!” to express her distaste for beige. It’s not a bad philosophy for the beach. Moody and subtle have no place here. For most who spend time in Palm Beach, these homes are second (or—jealous!—tenth) residences. A pink and green room will coordinate nicely with the Lilly dresses in your PB closet.

Didn’t pack enough shoes? Or Choos? Worth Avenue has Pucci and Gucci but sadly, no Fiorucci. Hermès orange might be a little intense for the bedroom, but Tiffany box blue: totally OK.

Sorry to skip the kitchen, but darlings, if you can afford a place in Palm Beach, you can afford a chef!

Credits: Staley-Wise Gallery, Southern Accents, Coastal Living, LCH Interiors, Phoebe Howard, House Beautiful, Coddington Design

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  1. You’re hilarious! I’m dying to visit, after all Celerie Kemble, Jonathan Adler and the Golden Girls are all from there.

  2. Chedva, we can do a swap! I’m dying to go to Israel, you’re dying for some Florida action, let’s do this!

  3. totally!

  4. Love it!
    You (as I am) must be of a certain groovy disco age to use, Gucci, Pucci, Fiorucci :-)
    Off to see your blog!
    xo xo