Fashion designers turned decorators:Yes or No.

Diane von Furstenberg is designing 20 rooms in the Claridge Hotel in London. So far, photos of only one of the rooms has been released.

DVF at the Claridge Hotel

So far, many other fashion designers’ forages into interior design have been, well, less than stellar.

Lets take a look:

First, there is the Zac Posen debacle….

Next, Jean Paul Gaultier’s collaboration with Roche Bobois that culminated in this renovation of the Elle Decoration’s suite.

Then of course, there is the Maison Moschino.

And the Hotel Missoni.

What do you think of these crossovers? DVF’s is by far the best, although the last two hotels do amuse me and are at least whimsical and fun.

Somehow, I think Kelly Wearstler’s accessory line will be much easier on the eyes.

Although, I didnt particularly enjoy Jonathan Adler’s collection for 7 for all Mankind.

So, what do you think? Stick to what you know (as Raina put it so eloquently), or does  good taste translate? Who would you like to see crossover?

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  1. I like DVF and Hotel Missoni, but generally- my answer will be no. They tend to be way too conceptual (Gaultier)or plain tacky (Moschino, I almost threw up in my mouth when I saw this: But I think for them it’s very much of a good bet, as there will always be the blind groupies who will faint over anything a DESIGNER does, if you know what I mean.
    And yeah, can’t wait to see a KW hat line!

  2. the DVF room is to die for. Everything else…well, can you imagine waking up in those hotel rooms with a hang-over? (yes, unfortunately I am still at the age where I have to artistic license to get utterly wasted every time I travel. BUT I have less than 6 months left till I turn 30!!) The pattern play is whimsy until the room is spinning.

    And JA should know better than to put a lattice print on an ass and thighs. I know he’s an absolute maximalist but this would make Giselle look like a truck!

    Team DVF.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Stick to what one knows. It goes both ways. Do we want to see interior designers design clothing? (One look at the way many of the designers on HGTV should tell you the answer to that right away!). I also loathe interior designers who think they can design exterior spaces. Landscape architects they are not and it too usually shows.

  4. It’s all good creatively and in the mind’s eye, and maybe on paper.
    In reality it’s marketing a brand for the benefit of both parties.
    And certainly it’s good for a few laughs when people flop so big.
    The JA jeans are kind of cute, but I would hardly call it fashion design.
    The DVF room is cute too. But again I would hardly call it ground breaking interior design.
    People with talent do cross over all the time. It’s the nature of an artist. The results are always interesting even if they are not successful. And sometimes something magical does occur.
    xo xo

  5. Love the DVF room — that lady is busy! Did you see she was also designing costumes for the Rockettes?

  6. Did you ever see pics of the Lacroix-designed hotel? I loooooved.
    Try this link?
    I think it’s great for hotels…not sure if I’d want to live in any of these spaces, though.

  7. We must have been on the same page. Well, I think the DVF rooms could be nice. She designed a classic dress years ago, and has managed to keep up to date since then. I think the problem with the other rooms is that they are done by more couture designers. DVF is more of an American sportswear designer. I think that is why if any her design will be successful…she already has to think about function for her clothes.


    Rebecca June


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