What the HELL is Pre-Fall?

My inbox is being bombarded with emails from various retailers informing me of new “pre-fall” arrivals.

What is pre fall? Isnt pre fall SUMMER? Why do we need a pre-fall?

I googled and came up with this from NY MAG.

Are you ready for pre-fall? We know what you’re thinking: Is that a new season? Did the Cut make it up? Actually, no. Once mostly shown to buyers and handfuls of editors, pre-fall (like resort before it) has become a semi-official addition to the fashion calendar. The clothes are slightly more commercial than the normal ready-to-wear collections; these are mainly for the stores and the customer. The collections hit stores between May and July, filling the gap left when spring runs dry and fall is still being produced. (Previously, waiting for the season changeover in stores was brutal.) For your viewing pleasure, we have 23 pre-fall shows and presentations so far, with more coming over the next few weeks. Here, a selection of our favorite looks, from Oscar de la Renta (shown) to Chanel. Even if you’re not running to replenish your wardrobe four times a year, consider this a sneak peek to February.

I know that for some crazy reason there are times of the year where you cant find something in a store to wear the next day… Even stores like the Gap have fallen into this trap and around January/February, when there is at least 2-3 more months of winter, you cant buy a freakin sweater!

Lets see what they have in store for us (available for pre-order) at Bergdorf Goodman:

Elizabeth & James $575

Halston Heritage $365 (I saw this stuff in person, the fabric looked really cheap to me.)

Thakoon $1490

I dont know about you guys, but that stuff all looks like regular FALL to me. Nothing I would be wearing in August after all my normal summer clothes get worn.  Apparently Christian Louboutain has a different idea about what Pre-Fall is. He combined winter and summer textures to create this pretty unwearable bootie. Its a felt espadrille. $495.

This one was around in some other version for spring, so I dont know why its getting called pre-fall. Also the wood heel does not make this transitional to fall in my mind. Oh yea, they also cost $1785. This Sparkler from Miu Miu $675 does not look like something someone would wear in the Hamptons.

Lastly, you can try Brian Atwood’s Studded Mid Calf Boot. I dont even know where to start here. $1200.

What do you think about pre-fall? Best thing to happen to the fashion industry? Or silly marketing tool aimed at getting consumers to buy MORE crap?

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  1. Sarina says:

    I was looking at a newly arrived Catherine Malandrino SWEATER DRESS at Neiman’s yesterday. I had to stop myself from committing suicide. Lucky for me, I came out with a pair of silk shorts hidden in the back corner of the store.

    So yeah, I hate pre-Fall. I need more beach dresses.

  2. ha i need beach dresses too! and pre-fall is ridiculous. it just reminds me of the magazines in august that ur rdin on the beach and all u see r sweaters and boots. cant we enjoy summer an not skip to fall

  3. Hannah says:

    aagreed! but i have to admit i went to a winter sample sale 4 kids 2day…disaster!

  4. Couple of things: pre-fall is probably the worst invented season ever. If there was any season that should be invented for the purpose of selling more weather appropriate clothes, it should be pre-spring. Which, in my opinion, is the worst time of year to try to get dressed. If you meet me in March, seirously, I feel bad for you because I will hate what I’m wearing and therefore be in a heinous mood. Those felt booties are a crime. The peep-toe boots are a crime punishable by death.

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    I think they call Pre-Spring “resort” which is really not the same thing. Resort is stuff you would wear in Palm Beach or in St. Barts…. Pre-Spring should be a collection of very light knit sweaters, shoes that arent boots and arent sandals. Clothes that work for 50-60 degree weather. I am always dressed wrong come March and April…. plus everything gets worn out by then and there is no way to buy new weather appropriate stuff.

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    But pre-fall is even worse because its really just FALL. And why would we want to pre-order this stuff in JUNE!!! It isnt even summer yet!

  7. Jill says:

    take this from someone in the industry-
    basically, fall isnt really fall anymore. seasons mean nothing!
    you start shipping fall before your even ready to actually put on shorts for summer! its become ridiculous!

    but the industry is changing. due to recession, buyers are ordering closer to delivery, more of a “buy now, wear now” attitude. so hopefully, we wont be buying winter jackets in late june anymore.

  8. Nicole Cohen says:

    Oh Jill— I REALLY hope so. I really like to buy things that I can wear the next day. I dont like stowing things away in the closet for six months, so that by the time you actually wear it its on sale!

  9. pauline says:

    I’m having the same problems. I went to buy summer clothes the other day and everything was either gray or black! Also, I’m big on wearing things right after I buy them. No need to put it in the bag. I’ll wear it out of the store if I can.

  10. Sarina says:

    Haha Pauline I did exactly that the other day! I was wearing a very old pair of jeans and ol faithful failed me by ripping midday. Can you say embarrassing? Anyway, I tried on a new pair, ripped off the tags in the dressing room (which by the way, is a VERY scary thing to do, my heart raced as I thought I was going to be ejected from the store for shoplifting) and went to the register. I forced the sales woman not to laugh at me as I told her my tale to which she replied: “girl, dat happens to me awlll the taahm.”

  11. Nicole Cohen says:

    Sarina, after I had a baby, I popped a button off my jeans at the mall. I had to go into Forever 21 to buy new ones. It was a new low.

  12. Hannah says:

    im waiting for it to happen to me…… wearing my favorite jeans that have a small hole thats growing..im asking to be embaressed