What I am selling, Part II:

1. Jay Strongwater Candle… Who knows how much this is worth? I cant seem to figure that out. I am  asking $35 for the candle, and from what I gather thats way cheap. *Update: My MIL just informed me that this stuff is worth $700? HUH? If anyone knows anything about this let me know. Until then, not for sale for $35.

2. Sheer Fabric: 2 yds… Dont know the price… Sale price: $10

3. Navy Blue and White Geometric desk set. The room I bought this for doesnt have a desk. DUMB. $10

4. West Elm Martini Shaker: $5

5. 3 Ikea Canisters: Retail $8/each Sale: $3/each

6. Houndstooth Throw… Bought this in Home Goods but it clashes with all the other geometrics in my bedroom. Not sure what I paid. Sale $10 SOLD!

7. Framed Paint By Number Wallpaper… Very cute art for a kids room! $25

8. African Mud Cloth Lumbar Pillow… Word up – I bought this in Africa. $50

Also… Giving 30% off my Etsy Store.… I honestly think I can probably find MORE stuff to sell. I have to stop with the impulse shopping!

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  1. Jay Strongwater is one of the mysteries of the modern world. I think $700 might be a little high, but it’s likely around $2-300. (The compacts are around that and I think it’s the same amount of bejeweledness/bedazzledocity.)

    (If you want to have a total WTF moment, check out the prices on the picture frames. I used to work at a bridal mag and we’d show them every once in a while…you could buy a piece of furniture for the same price.)

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    I really dont get it. I think its FUGLY!

  3. Word.

    They’re like Crocs. Really fucking expensive Crocs.

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    You didnt ask why I have it…. The person who lived my first apartment before hubby bought it owned the company and left tons of it there. I have MORE of it.

  5. Ha ha ha, it’s like your dirty design secret. Do you have it in hiding somewhere? Could you sell it on ebay?

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    I never tried. But I will.