The M&J Challenge…

You can go see what I and some really talented other bloggers made on the M&J Blog right now! It was really fun to participate! Thanks for all your advice Hannah!

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  1. Marielle says:

    where’s yours??

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    It’s there… keep scrolling. Mines the one that sucks. JK. Not a Jk. OK, JK.

  3. Hannah says:

    props 4 being the only one that didnt make an accessory!

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    Hannah– Yes!! Thats exactly what I thought everyone was going to do… so thats why I didnt.

  5. Yours was the most original (and my favorite), A backgammon set? Who would have thought!

  6. jen says:

    i love urs! y did u tell me it sucked! there is not one feminine tole set anywhere!

  7. I knew you had to incorporate lucite, but I never would have thought of a backgammon set! Amazing. I bet you are just happy you did not make a necklace…like everyone else.


    Rebecca June