New York, New York

Many of you wax poetic about your past days in NYC. I just want to remind you what NYC is really like:

A dude passed out on my friend Sarah’s car last night. With cash scattered about his face. With his eyes open.

I ran to the precinct up the block for some help. There was no way I was getting within ten feet of this guy. I actually thought he was dead.

I love asking cops for help. I feel like, what the f, they are always there when you wish they weren’t, why not have them there when you actually need them! And it felt really cool to walk half a block with two burly police officers. (Although they did ask how far away we were going!)

So I think drunk buddy was taken downtown. Am I mean for having him semi-arrested? There was no way I was going near that with a ten foot pole.


Speaking of crazy… what did you think of last nights reunion?

I am in love with the Left Team: Alex, Ramona and Bethany. Jill is an asskiss who cant STOP agreeing with Bethany. She is so TRANSPARANT. And Bethany was so enlightening… Bottom line, the show is now a show about famous NYC housewives, instead of just bratty NYC housewives and its different now.

Speak your minds people:

A. Drunk guy on Sarah B’s Car.

B. Real Housewives reunion.

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  1. Poor thing, I would die before I had a chance to get the policemen there.
    Reunion-wise: Just watched it and I agree, but I do think that aside from kissing up to B, Jill now had the chance to watch her behavior during the season and realize how awful she was. The way she tries to deny what they say about her emails trying to sabotage Bethenny’s show and other things she’s done is both disgusting and pitiful. I actually felt for her even though she deserves it.

    What do you think of the new Lonny>

  2. that would freak me out too if i saw it…
    the reunion was a little underwhelming…however i agree that bethenney was enlightening. she didn’t give A FUCK about pissing anyone off. she straight up called everyone out on their shit, honestly. LOVE IT!!! a girl after my own heart. jill is wallowing in her own shit, pathetically.
    own up and move on. all that should be coming out of her mouth is, “your right, im sorry”.


    This photo is, unfortunately, hilarious.

    Whenever I get too “Why did I leave NYC”-ish, I remember moving from one apartment to another in the middle of the Halloween parade, unable to cross Seventh Ave. The mood usually passes.

  4. eleanor says:

    A. Thats the kinda funny shitt that NEVER happens to me! I think you did the responsible thing so dont feel guilty..(did you keep the drug money?)
    B. Reunion was amazing!! Bethany is insane(in a positive way), Jill needs to just admit she was a famewhore and “renew” herself like Ramona and Bethany. Kelly-who cares, Luan-I am so over her one shoulder barney dress and those earrings, Alex makes me want to vomit all over myself, Sonja-cant wait! Lets do a reunion in deal for the third part!

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    I think Jill is PATHETIC… I love how B called her out on the fact that she wants sympathy from the viewers… and that she put CANCER on TV and FAT CAMP on TV but her make up with Bethany was too sacred.

    HAHA. Bethany peed on a stick in front of cameras and that is why she has her own show. She tells it like it is and she doesnt hide shit.

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    Oh and I just want to clarify something about that picture: We HAD to do something because that was Sarah’s car! I wast just butting in to some guys business. AND I am great in a crisis btw… I sprinted over to the police station in 10 seconds flat!

    If someone passes out on your car, you want me around;)

  7. Hilarious photo. If someone is stupid enough to get that drunk then the best possible place for them is a little bit of a dry off in the drunk tank. I wish I could say it would teach him a lesson but I’m guessing it woudln’t even phase him.

    Although I have to say that I dont think this is very indicative of NY. I mean, what are the chances of passing out drunk with cash loitered about? Chances are you’d wake up cashless.

    B. I was in a stressed mood yesterday so I couldn’t deal with watching the housewives. They get my agita going. But of course its all taped and ready to go when Im back in fighting form.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hahahah… Thats true! The cash would probably be gone. But I do live in a neighborhood with a lot of bars, so seeing throw up saturday morning is not uncommon!

  8. A. Drunk guy made my morning.

    B. RHNYC Reunion made my night. The fact that is a 3 parter made my month.

    C. I also loved Bs new show. Her one liners are the best.


    Rebecca June

  9. Yeah…thanks for reminding of the crazy ass stuff you can run up against in NYC…stuff I wouldn’t even print here in your comments…it would “sully” your lovely blog…of course you did the absolute right thing re: that guy, who knows what he was on, you might have even saved him.

  10. Yup. I don’t miss NYC.

  11. jen j says:

    hahahahaha….i almost spit out my red wine!

  12. michele says:

    nicole, this pic was hysterical, ahh youth, love your blog, love your wit, love your style, you’ve come a long way baby from angel news! keep up the fab work!