New in NY: The Food Hall At The Plaza

Have you ever been to Harrod’s in London? If you have  you probably didnt skip the amazing food hall that occupies its basement!

That was the inspiration for Todd English’s new Food Hall at the newly renovated Plaza Hotel. It was designed by Jeffrey Beers and the space is quite stunning. Black and white mosaic floors and carrera marble bars abound. There are different stations through out the space: A wine bar, a pizza bar, an oyster bar, but diners can sit anywhere and order off any of the menus. Of course, you can also buy your gourmet cheeses, wines, desserts,breads and veggies there. You can see the menus HERE.

I’m not sure if this will take off as a hot midtown lunch spot for New Yorkers, though the food was good, the space was beautiful and the service quick. It might end up being a tourist attraction, but so what … Have you ever been to the Apple store?

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