My Living Room… Almost done now!

My long awaited bench has arrived. And I say long awaited, because even though I just ordered this baby 2 months ago, I have been searching for something for that spot for almost 2 years!

One day while browsing through benches on 1stdibs, I came across this vintage bench from the 70’s. Of course it was already sold, but I really really wanted it.  I loved the 70’s vibe and the idea that since this was going to be the first thing you saw when you walked in, it would take up less visual space because of the lucite.

So I emailed the picture to Shirley at Plexi-craft and asked her if she could whip this up for me. Then I headed to Abea Leather where I picked out this amazing gray leather that is shiny, but scratches and will soon have a little bit of a distressed feel to it.

Now look back to my favorite room ever from a few posts ago. Isnt it weird how similar the rooms look? None of the pieces are the same, but the elements are all similar and I guess thats why I was so drawn to it! (I’m not kidding myself here, I know the other room is 10x more amazing. It probably cost 10x more too!)

The funny thing is that that picture is only a few months old, so its not like I copied it. (Which I would have had I seen it! That modern chesterfield s gorgeous! )

I just need another end table and I am probably done with the living room. I am still working on a new dining room table though!

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  1. It’s stunning, and the bench adds so much. Have you considered adding color (maybe with art or accessories?)

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    The painting I made is actually in that room. You can’t see it from that angle though. Also a lot of the accessories are colorful – they are behind the couch. I had colorful pillows in there but I recently swapped em out.

    So yes. I do change it up and at times it’s more colorful than others.

  3. I am IN LOVE with your new bench. Is it seeing anyone else? Could you slip it my phone number?

    Seriously – well done!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      My bench is currently seeing Cookie and her two babies… BUT its pretty slutty, Im sure it would toss some action your way;)

  4. My living room wants to be your living room when it grows up.


  5. AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!! Can I come over?

  6. damn!
    (that’s all i have to say). that and i think you should start mass-marketing your bench because it is *amazing*.

  7. babe. outstanding. so sophisticated. you had that bench made? I really think Anita might be on to something when she suggested producing those….seriously, your room rocks….I would not be surprised if we are seeing it in print soon…

  8. I love it!! It looks like it was always there and totally belongs- what a great living room you have!!

  9. Wow Nicole, your room looks gorgeous you have fabulous taste. And I agree, you need to be selling that bench I definitely want one, can you ship it to Oz???

  10. love love that bench! definitely should produce them – i know many would buy it!

  11. consider pants pooped.

  12. Nicole Cohen says:

    There are a few problems with producing them though… It was really expensive, I dont know how to sell things, etc etc…

    If anyone knows how to even start doing something like this, let me know.

  13. I can haz your furniture pleez?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. All that eye candy reduced me to a babbling idiot. Well done!

  14. I love the windows, and the living room us simply fabulous.

  15. Weird?… NO! Amazing?… YES!

  16. Amber says:

    Gorgeous, Nicole. Beyond prettier than anything out there in lucite :) Your living space looks beautiful and inviting.

  17. i die ;)

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bench. Genius.

  19. Great job Nicole.

  20. in my dreams my living room would look just like yours.
    in reality, my budget just won’t allow.

    i’ve been lusting over your coffee table for months now and today i decided i need one.
    any clue where i can buy a knock off or something similar? less than $500?

    i realize this is a stretch, but can’t hurt to ask!

    oh, and should you ever want to sell your pillows, i’d like to be the first person you let know!!!