Leather Slipcovers…

My MIL veto-ed the vintage style chairs I found at an antique store. They were kinda like the ones below, except brass with cream leather.  She said that she already HAD chairs like that and gave them away a few years ago… It kinda made me realize something: trying to sell someone on “antiques” that they have already owned and tossed is NOT going to be easy. Cant say I blame her!

I came up with a new idea that I love. We have a set of 4 upholstered parsons chairs in her basement. They were originally in my husband’s first apartment. LEATHER SLIPCOVERS. Sexy, sexy, sexy….

John Salandino via Patrica Gray.

These are going around a round glass table. Oh, and even though we already own the chairs, I think that the leather slipcovers are going to cost way more than the antiques would have… They were only $100 each.

Wait, I just found an iphone picture of the vintage chairs I liked:

Someone want to buy them?

Corazza Modern

800 Ocean Ave # 108

Asbury Park, NJ07712-6279

Monmouth-Ocean, NJ

Phone: (732) 361-3179

Just want to say that a reader went and bought the vintage barcart I posted last week. That makes me so happy!

Leather slipcovers: Love ’em or hate’ em?

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  1. I never knew there was such a thing as leather slipcovers! It is just after 7:00am, already learned something new.

  2. Depends. It depends on the leather color (I prefer dark) on the setting (not too many orangry wood furnitue) and of course of the table they’re pared with (glass is a great way to balance the leather). I love the antique chairs yo found, and my grandmother had them too :)

  3. big gay love!

  4. design geek says:

    hi first time commenter:
    not the biggest fan of the leather slipcovers because I prefer something a little more airy. then again totally depends on the room you’re working with (which you should post a pic of!!) but im absolutely in love with the meis van der rohe-ish chair you found. my grandmother has 4 in her basement and i cannot wait to find use for them. i envision mine with a brown and cream cowhide.
    good luck with the redecoration!! judging by your other blog posts you have great taste and your apt is awesome so im sure you’re gonna do an AWESOME job!

  5. Love the leatehr slipcovers…especially the luggae color or the cream. Sad that MIL does not like the vintage ones because they are PENOM.


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I love the luggage color too. Yes, those vintage chairs are awesome. Some reader will probably buy them and then forget to come back here and thank me for finding them.

  6. That last word got cut off. it was supposed to be PHENOMENAL.



    Rebecca June

  7. Ilana says:

    Thank you, I know I promised to post, your choices are amazing!!! Your the best.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      hahaha- Sorry ilana. I was cranky. Im better now! Im SO happy you bought the barcart! The only thing better than buying something myself is having one of you buy it!

  8. I fully support all efforts to conserve, reuse and recycle – and it should be something that the whole nation should be doing – NOW!