Jay Strongwater: HUH?

So I listed my little candle for $35 dollars. Then my MIL came over and told me that I am NUTS because its probably worth over $500.

Then Rebecca of Reluctant Floridian confirmed “It’s a mystery of the modern world,” she said. So I started trying to find ¬†prices for this stuff.

What is so mysterious, you ask?

Who doesn’t need $595 dollar strawberry salt and pepper shakers?
This 5″ x 7″ picture frame cost $2900.
And last this $12,500 dollar table. 

Who is buying these psychotically priced tchockes? How is this company in business? I’m blown away. I didn’t even think the candle was worth $35. I wanted to throw it out.

I actually have a bunch more of these Jay Strongwater products because my first apartment was previously owned by someone who worked for them, and they left a ton of it in the apartment. I’ve always hated them. It erks me to have them in the house. Even though they are in the closet.


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  1. LOL ~ If you don’t want them, they’d look great with my collection! I am completely serious.

    I started a collection of frames- together, they’re like jewelry on the table top! I started my collection when I was in college and my mom buys them for me.

    I guess that one bloggers trash is another blog writers treasure?

  2. i have never understood the ridiculously priced tchockes. you should totally put those candles on ebay!

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    ABCD- do you want to buy my stuff? I have some mini picture frames I could sell you for $200 each;)

  4. irene says:

    you are going to laugh, i sold those strawberry salt and pepper shakers to a russian collector. She made me special order them for her. I do not get his pieces and i never will, i think thy r outright NAsty looking. PS we also had a trunk show with him in the store….colorful man

  5. Advance warning to friends of family of Nicole:

    I know what you’re getting for weddings, bat mitzvahs, baby showers, hostess gifts, housewarmings…!

  6. Friends AND family, I mean.

  7. I just threw up…

  8. OK, now that Michael Jackson is no longer with us, I guess that just leaves that Russian collector buying up 1200.00 flowery side tables! wow. Nicole, totally sell it all on ebay!

  9. Ilana says:

    haha I am dying from this post. My mother and her friends love to collect these Jay Strongwater miniature, overpriced, pieces of art (or as you would call them tchockes). My father even has a bottle stopper.

  10. Chris says:

    Do you any of his BIRD figurines? I like his stuff but it is ‘up there’ pricewise. Seen his 69K chandelier? By the way, I have his S&P – just love ‘em. Your blog is wonderful – keep it going! Thanks!

  11. Shelly Lampshire says:

    I have a retired Jay strongwater pastel bunny that lists for $695. Taking offers.

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