I’ve got stuff, You’ve got stuff: It’s a blogger tag sale!

We are live with the blogger tag sale people…. Click here to see who’s selling what.  When you have a home decor addiction and a soft spot for knick knacks, stuff starts to pile up. First it was the storage room. Then the closets. Now I even have stuff stowed away under the couch.

So I thought, if I’ve got it, you’ve got it. STUFF. So rather then post it on craigslist or ebay, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if all of us bloggers made a little forum to trade, sell and buy each others crap?

Why yes, yes it would!  I talked it over with some bloggers and they were IN. Design Blahg is all over it.

So here is the deal:

WHEN: Wednesday, June 23rd
WHERE: Your blog-n-ours
WHAT: All the crap that you don’t want anymore that some other people might (that means anything!)
HOW: Leave a comment here, or on Design Blahg. Or tweet us here or here. Then on 6/23 you’ll post pics and info on your shit on your own site. Title your post: BLOGGER TAG SALE: whatevertheeffyouwanthere. Use the hashtag #bloggertagsale to let peeps know about it on Twitter, and try to link up to as many other blogger tag salers as you can. Also, grab this snazzy little blogger tag sale logo (up above) so we can all try to find each other.

Keep your sale going for a week (we will!) and make all the arrangements for shipping, trading, or giving it away on your own. Also, we’ll post some tag sale sample posts so you can see what this might look like.

Erica of Design Blahg and I have decided that we are going to give %10 of everything we earn to charity. You dont HAVE to, but if you joined in, it would be awesome.

I am giving my money to poor little Emanuella. Yes, Emanuella of Real Housewives of NJ. Why? A few reasons:

1. I feel like I have had so many endless hours of pleasure at the expense of others via Bravo. It would be nice if it could actually culminate in something worthwhile.

2. “Baby Cancer” is my worst nightmare. EFF cancer, but especially baby cancer.

3. Dealing with Danielle + a sick child is more than any family should have to deal with.

SO who is in for a Blogger Tag Sale?

I will be posting everything from wedding presents I never wanted to a Madeline Wienrib rug!!!

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  1. I don’t have anything to sell, but I’ll post and tweet about it for you guys.

    And probably make a purchase or two!

  2. i would love to join in! i have lots of things i could get rid of

  3. i am up for the shopping but not the selling.

  4. Eddie says:

    Don’t sell the wedding present that I gave u!

  5. I may be in. Let me take inventory of my “junk” room and I’ll let you know.

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    Paloma, welcome to the blog!

    Everyone, it doesnt have to be anything special… I know everyone has something that just isnt what they imagined it would be when they bought it!

  7. okey dokey it sure beats putting it on eBay.
    xo xo

  8. i will definitely be putting lots of stuff up for sale!
    thank you for doing this!!

  9. I’m in the midst of trying to sell some high end furniture so this might just be the answer. What a great idea!!

  10. Wow, this is a great idea! I don’t have anything to sell, but there’s a good chance I might be buying…and I’ll post about it on my blog.

  11. Count me in, I have plenty to be rid of, now I just need to read your instructions again to make sure I do it correctly.

  12. Nicole Cohen says:

    Update- I am going to use that link thing that From the Right Bank Used for her your style in one picture challenge… That way anyone can add their photos to the post.

  13. That Linky tool is awesome, right? I’m in as long as I can get my act together by Wednesday. This is a GREAT idea.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You can join in all week Ally… The linky thing was the coolest thing EVER!

  14. Im all ready go to with 10 things to sell. No designer rugs to spare though. Mostly just odds and ends.

  15. Oh this is great! I think I have some things to sell! Let me check;-)

  16. This sound like a great idea!

  17. Do you have a list of all the bloggers who are participating? I’d like to include it in my post.

  18. Count me in!
    I’ve been procrastinating having one in real life, so this is perfect timing!

  19. Nicole Cohen says:
  20. Michelle Gregory says:

    I love this idea, I have nothing to sell but I will be making a bid on Mrs Limestones items. Think she has amazing style and has always been so friendly. Best wishes from England


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