How to decorate like Lonny…

So a lot of you are asking me what I think about the past issue of Lonny.

The answer is that I am not really sure what to say about it. I am so grateful that the editors take the time to work on this. I think they do a really good job MOST of the time. I think they have a unique perspective that is definitely missing from the shelter mag world. I would love for them to feature my home in it (CALL ME!). But, for some really odd reason, Lonny is not only really repetitive with its past issues, but also really repetitive within each issue. Example: they had a python tray a few issues back that they brought into EVERY house that they photographed that month.

And now this issue, they went and found as many rooms with wallpapered ceilings as they could find.

They love to put a lucite or glass table on a zebra rug.

Last month they put this sideboard in:

This month they had this one:

Aha… Very creative.

Now look what I found at the Shore Antique Center a few weeks ago… I have been meaning to write about them….

Guess how much?

I’m pretty sure Pieces sells theirs for close to $6000.


And now I will show you how you can decorate an entire house Lonny Style with one stop to the Shore Antique Center, probably for less than $5000. And thats including art.

Brass Barcart $125

Set of three paintings: $400
4 Chairs $295
Dining table with leaf $150

Oil Painting $1985

Vintage Luggage $50 – $100 each

Vanity Stool $325

Lucite and Brass Coffee Table: $595

French Bikes $600 each.

Dont know the price on this one… SORRY…

All you need now is a zebra rug, wallpaper, a python tray and you have got your Lonny on.

Shore Antique Center
413 Allen Avenue
Allenhurst, NJ 07711
Phone: (732) 531-4466

Can someone please buy this stuff? I am pretty sure they will ship wherever you want… I found you guys some pretty good deals!

(My favorite thing about New Jersey is the antiquing. SOOOO much cheaper than the city.)

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  1. This was such a great post. I love Lonny and your breakdwon is interesting. I am blown away by the prices of the antiques. Prices here in Los Angeles are outrageous.

  2. Thank you for sharing this place. Must go!

  3. I’m not sure whether to laugh or roll my eyes. Not at you, but at how formulaic Lonny is.

    Bunny Williams’ (Michelle Adams must have sold her soul for that exclusive) project was such a stand out because it was perfection. It’s not necessarily my personal style, but I can appreciate that its execution was flawless. I would almost bet money that Ms. Williams had her own personal photo stylist come in and sprinkle magic dust. By comparison, the rest of the spreads looked a tad sloppy.

    And, holy crap, are some of those people borderline hoarders or what?!?

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    I agree… that Bunny William’s project was GORGEOUS. I loved it.

    Lonny is formulaic. Its a good formula. But its a formula. I dont even know if this is decorating or hoarding… like you said.

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Oh, I just also want to add that I still have never read a word that Lonny has ever printed. So many online magazines are doing really cool interfaces for the ipad and I think that Lonny would be way more awesome if they did something like that.

  6. Jill says:

    you know i only clicked on this because i thought it was about lonny!

  7. Nicole Cohen says:

    Jill- thats hilarious!!!

  8. Ilana says:

    I called to get the barcart but it was already sold out!!! waiting to hear if they have any others. I have been looking for months.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Cant believe it- its been there since last summer! Did you see any of the barcart roundups I did? Ill keep my eye out for you!

  9. You are one observant samurai shopper….wow! Blown away by all your fab finds…seriously!

  10. Lynn says:

    Nicole, you really should read the notes beside the articles so you can roll on the floor at gems like this one on p.58 (I paraphrase): “High quality rugs like these from ABC Carpet & Home can be a bit pricey. To balance the cost elsewhere, Williams cleverly sewed two inexpensive cotton rugs together (by herself, I’m sure) for the daughter’s bedroom (stepdaughter, no doubt). She also kept cashflow low by poring over catalogs to find affordable pieces.” Umm, this for a 4,000 sqft third home on Sea Island, GA?!? (The family’s two other homes are in NYC and Westport, CT…) Hysterical!

  11. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks Zhush! Its really awesome how much cheaper the antiques are here. In NYC there are two types of antiques…. the $20,000 and up kind, and the really crappy thrift store kind. Jersey’s got the great estate sale type antiques… Ill be uncovering more samuri shopping finds all summer long.

    Lynn – You are kidding. Oh boy. I find reading Lonny to be a dizzying experience. Nothing is worse than reading any article printed by Vogue. Its freakin unbearable. Everyone has a $1200 cashmere blanket for sleeping on the plane.

  12. You have a great eye! I think you are definitely on to something in regard to Lonny. I thought this issue was better than past ones, but I can certainly see the patterns you pointed out.

    Your blog is excellent! I am loving it and thought your RHONY reunion recap was hilarious. I really liked Bethenny’s show as well.

  13. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks Paloma!

    -Its not that I dont like Lonny, I really think they can be the best one out there if they work at it, its just that they like to pound a message out through repetition. Remember that one issue that had 4 different stores in it, and at least 3 rooms with black walls and antlers?

  14. I dont know who (or what) Lonny is,but I love what you found in that store, off the beaten path on the Jersey Shore. You have a great eye, now I have to go check it out…

  15. Nicole Cohen says:

    WOOHOO! A reader informed me that she bought the barcart! Im so happy!

  16. This post rocks my socks. Very cool! And I was starting to feel bad about myself that I don’t own a barcart. Meh, Lonny, I refuse to feel the pressure.

  17. Love this post! I love the wit, the observations, and the resourcefulness. I agree with you that as Editor in Chief, it is Michelle’s responsibility to recognize the mag as a whole and show a variety of inspiring eye candy. But, also have to say that she likes what she likes and she sticks to it. AKA-brand building. I also think it is very interesting that there is now a LONNY look. Wow, in just four issues they have a “look”. That’s pretty impressive. Just a thought: maybe it’s the designers who need to mix it up, push more boundaries and step out of the rut? Just a thought.
    PS. full disclosure: i was one of the designers in one of the Lonny’s :)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks Laura! I think your work (I think thats your living room?) was probably my favorite thing to EVER be featured in that magazine! I would literally move in with nothing but a toothbrush in a heartbeat!

      Anyway, I like the Lonny look, I just cant believe how much they drive a single point home in each issue… One issue was all stores with black wall and antlers, one was multicolored wallpaper crazy rooms that also had wallpapered ceilings…. etc…

  18. Thanks so much Nicole!
    I totally see your point about Lonny. Even more, I love that you have a great point and back it up! Its so refreshing to hear a thoughtful observation about something! Thanks for that! Oh, and you totally nailed the look! :)


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