Blogger Tag Sale!!!

We’re live baby! Let the shopping/selling and trading begin!

As you know, I will be donating ten percent of my proceeds to Emanuela’s Heart for Hope. I encourage you all to donate to your favorite charities as well. I am willing to trade, buy and sell and I know you all are too! Even if you aren’t going to be selling anything, I hope those of you with blogs will mention the tag sale on your blogs so that your readers can drop by.

Also, tweet about it using hashtag #bloggertagsale.

#Bloggertagsale on Facebook

Also be sure to check Design Blahg for more participating bloggers!

Some Participating Blogs (so far!):

Use the Linky Tools below to add a picture of your product with a link back to your post. You can post all of your items individually or just one. I did the first one to get you started!

*** I dont know if I was clear – Leave a link back to your POST not your blog.

****I’m leaving this at the top of my blog, but there are newer posts below it.


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  1. Marielle says:

    im laughing from “interesting trades will be considered”…reminds me of that seinfeld where jerry wants to sell the van he got from fragile franky murmen and kramer writes the ad…

  2. I left my blog address b/c the post isn’t up yet but it will up first thing tomorrow so the link will work.

    Exactly what I was thinking Marielle.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for doing all the hard work to get this going.
    xo xo

  4. HI Nicole, ho ware you? :)
    I want to inquire about the greek key fabric…Is it for sale? Let me know.

  5. oops…i meant HOW are you. hehe

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    Hey Jen- I’m great. Thanks!

    Click on the fabric. It’s for sale

  7. Argh…, it’s sold out. Thank you though. ;)


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