Because people drink other stuff besides liquor.

It may always be happy hour at Lonny, but over at my house we drink many different beverages. Coffee, tea, soda, water, juice…. 

Just saying.

And I could really using a drink right now. I hate everyone again today.

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  1. Hannah says:

    loving the tray

  2. Amber says:

    Oh yep, I feel the same way today – it’s really the worst. I think you just need to get through it, Nicole. At least this is what I try to do, or if I can, go for a run (it used to be horse ride) On to swim lessons for older son, will give me an opportunity to diffuse and zone out. :) Hang in!

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    Amber- going for a run is my trick too! I haven’t worked out in 2 days… I start to get really cranky.

  4. Beautiful. the soft colors work so well against your B&W room. Hope you feel better.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      About to hit the gym. I should be better within 20 minutes!

  5. I hate everyone almost everyday. it doesn’t start out that way, but eventually something happens.

    Also, loving that pitcher. Where is it from?


    Rebecca June

  6. I with ya, Sister. Weirdness in the air today.

    Hope tomorrow poops rainbows and sunshine and Broadway musicals for you.

  7. Nicole Cohen says:

    Becca- pitcher is from Home Goods! Great find no?

    Raina- So do I. I wish Rainbows upon you too! Not In a KKB way.

  8. But, PEOPLE ARE SO NICE, how could anyone possibly HATE THEM?!? xo

  9. Tea & coffee….those are my drinks. cute pic.

  10. Nicole Cohen says:

    SW- Welcome to the blog. The assholes commenting on your blog really pissed me off. Didn’t help me overcome the I HATE EVERYONE waves of nausea.