A Hampton’s Hideaway

This owner gave design firm Gordon Alvarado a generous budget, but only 6 weeks to turn this house from the crumbling beach shack he bought, into this Hampton’s Haven…. For everything – down to the artwork!  White paint and ebonized floors are a no fail combination. I dont know whats going on with the couch. Is that fabric just tucked there on top of the slip covers? I cant tell.  That campaign desk is DREAMY.
I like open shelving for a summer kitchen. It’s casual. I dont know about a sisal rug in the kitchen though. I have a sisal rug in my hallway, and I can attest, food WILL get stuck in it!  A very restful bedroom.  Mid-century modern, but fresh. 

Now let me remind you: this was done in 6 weeks!


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  1. och, the campaign desk is to die for, and I’m totally digging the white, airy feel of the house.

  2. wow believe it or not i love it. whos the decorator? can u find out where the outdoor furn is from?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      The decorator is linked to above. If you go to the site NY Spaces you can look for the sources.

  3. also i like the new notify me of coments!

  4. i love the dark floors/white walls combo too. and the campaign desk. and the cool round outdoor seating. the couches and the lighting aren’t my favorite but there’s plenty of eye candy here. thanks for sharing!

  5. The outdoor furniture is faboo! love it to pieces!

  6. LOVE this place. I would have gone a bit less country cute in the kitchen, but whatevs. Also, it looks hella uncomfortable, but I srsly dig that chaise chair.

  7. This place is divine, I could totally live here!