Ze Cafe

Yesterday I had brunch in one of the most beautiful little nooks of a restaurant that I have ever seen. Owned and run by ZeZe Florist, Ze Cafe is a french bistro housed in a converted carriage house on 52nd Street off of 1st ave in NYC. They also own the farm from which they gather eggs from their free roaming, organic fed hens. These eggs look different and taste different too. Their yolks are bright yellow and they taste delicious!

Of course, there is a backstory as to how we discovered Ze. The hubs walked by it once and one particularly cranky or hungover sunday was rushing me out so we could go to brunch. I yelled and we ended up eating separately. I now must concede: YOU WERE RIGHT. This is the best lunch place. LOVE.

Of course, aside from the wholesome and yummy food, the place was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

Exposed brick, topiares, peonies, an iron center table covered with cloches and plants, a stainless steel bar with limed wood walls…. Stone floors, marble bistro tables. This place is decor blogger HEAVEN.

Sorry the shot is blurry… I only had my iPhone.

A shot from their website of one of their private parties. You can have one too!

Cookie smelling the hydrangeas out front after the meal.

Ze Cafe 398 E. 52 St., New York – (212) 758-1944

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  1. gorgeous. im putting this one on my list for restaurants to try during my next visit.

  2. I have to go here when I am in NYC. Maybe we should go together?


    Rebecca June

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    Dont worry… Ill take you to all the best places! ;)

  4. Laura c says:

    I love that place!! Cookie looks so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ilana says:

    cookie is the cutest