This room is so me.

I love everything about it.  STOLEN from Rebecca June. I have no dignity.

OK… In other news… My bedding arrived and the bed area of my room is ready for a reveal. Do you want to see it now, even though I am still lacking a nice chair and a dresser? My dressing room/vanity area is also still not completely done… (although I am suspecting it never will be!)

So do you want to see the room yet, or do you want me to keep it a surprise until I finish?

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  1. yes definitely want to see!

  2. do you reaaaaally have to ask that question to a bunch of decor crack heads?
    and i concur on the IS so you.. some days it’s so me too.

  3. awesome image – and yes, we want to see now!

  4. What MFAMB said.

    Show your goodies, please.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      OK… Its coming soon. Stay tuned.

      BUT A WARNING: MFAMB, Raina, Gray…. I dont know if you guys will like it…..