The ugliest shoes ever made.

I’m no lover of clogs to start… BUT these are by freakin far the ugliest shoes I have ever seen.

I thought the people at Chanel were on drugs with those hay bags… But someone at Louis Vitton has lost their marbles. In fact, for these to make it to the runway, everyone at Louis Vitton must be smoking crack.

I’m looking for the perfect words to describe these… but I’m lost.


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  1. eww. disgusting is the right word. i saw a woman with one of the hay chanel bags yesterday at neimans. it was scary in person!!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ur kidding. Who, what, where…. How did you not get us a picture!

  2. alyse beyda says:

    They’re Horrible

  3. Those are so awful- hate hate hate them!

  4. Vivian Nakash says:

    they look like little troll shoes….but unlike the chanel bags, i don’t think louis vuitton really sells those….i think they’re just for runway….i hope! sometimes i feel like the people in the fashion industry say, “let’s come up with the ugliest things possible, tell everyone they’re in style and the hottest new thing, and see who’s dumb enough to fall for it!”

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Viv, I agree with you…. They are trying to see how dumb we are. For sure.