The Perfect Bachelorette Pad: Dissected.

A few days ago, I saw this gorgeous apartment on the blog Made By Girl. It’s the home of Kirby and Kari Schlegel. They arent a married couple, they are brother and sister! Their dad bought them the corner penthouse at the “W” and they split it into two apartments! They even have a common room for entertaining big parties.

Their apartments have two totally different looks although they both used Lionel Morrison & Jan Showers to design and decorate. Hers is more girly, and his is darker and more masculine. They are both gorgeous but I was immediately taken with this room (in part because that’s the carpet in my bedroom!). Its so bright and pretty, and guess what. It’s semi attainable. I dissected the room for you and came up with some over the counter, non decorator prescription items you could use to recreate this room.

Get the look of this gorgeous penthouse. Here’s how:

Room and Board Loring Sofa $1200 (You can make it in white but I couldnt preview it in white. Sorry.)

Worlds Away Coffee Table $1625 Chain Reaction Rug $150 Lamps Plus Lamp $134

Starburst Mirror $169 Side table $950 (Pricey, but they looked so much like the originals, I couldnt pass em up.)

Palm Springs Pillow $120

Side Chair

This is a perfect living room for a bachelorette. And would be great for a renter, because the walls are white and the furniture is bright and not too big. It could be moved to the next apartment if need be.

Here is a picture of Kirby’s apartment:

To see more of them both, go HERE.

Whose do you like better?

I say Kari.

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  1. sarah says:

    how did u leave out the shoes!!!

  2. pauline says:

    i agree. love the look of kari’s apartment. so bright and happy.

  3. Vivian Nakash says:

    sick apartment….sick closet!

  4. I saw this too, and was dying over it!!! That being said, I love the pillows you picked out, the TT ones are even better than the ones in the original! Great job!

  5. gayhooker says:

    Perfection; I’ll take that coffee table in a heartbeat