Muriel Brandolini- Yea or Nay?

Since I really didnt like the picture that Elle Decor used to represent Muriel Brandolini, I thought I would look her up and see if I liked any of her other work.

This is a vignette from the room that Elle Decor chose to feature. This photo is much better than the one they chose.  This is my favorite of all her stuff. I love this entire room, except for that bird hanging from the canopy. That chair, the table lamp and of course…. those canopies!  Messy chic, eclectic but I like it.  We are getting into bonafide granny territory here with that little table with the plant on it. I also dont like that thing with all the necklaces on it. But I am still loving that wallpaper with the navy blue molding.  A lot of you mentioned this room in the comments on the last post. Honestly, those drapes are SO not for me, but they are interesting and creative so I will say yes, they are inspiring.
Beautiful eclectic entryway. I like the mix of inspirations. The lamp shade, the wallpaper and that orangey red box are all perfect on that navy blue glossy console.  That screen is gorgeous, the blue rug really works… The whole room seems ombre because of the reflection in the base of the round table.  Its a look, thats for sure. Kind of awesome.  Those shades are heaven. As are the couches with the little table with books…  Very calming and cool. I love the lanterns and the window seat.  This room also draws inspiration from many different sources, but its a little more edited.  Acid trip hallway. Are those bandaids?

So while Muriel Brandolini wouldn’t be in my top 25, she does do some inspiring and beautiful work.

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  1. Her work reminds of the old adage of removing one piece of jewelry before you leave the house.

    I always want to remove one or two patterns/pieces/objets from her rooms.

  2. raina nailed it (as usual). her work is more artistic than anything…for me, as a whole, it wouldn’t work in my home…BUT…i gather loads of inspiration from her…LOADS!

  3. I’m going to reveal myself as a Mrs. Roper-in-training and confess that I’ve always thought MB’s clothes were the shiz.

  4. I love that pic with the lanterns! I want that in my next house.


    Rebecca June

  5. I love how she works with navy, but I have to agree with Raina.
    Also, those drapes are sick (and not in a good way). They remind me of my great-grandma’s ugly apartment.

  6. Belinda Sweet says:

    I LOVE her look. Wonderful what she is doing with the Japanese matchstick shades. She creates an incredible mood, and I love to see how she evolves over time.

  7. Belinda Sweet says:

    I LOVE her look. A true original. Wonderful what she is currently doing with the Japanese matchstick shades. She created an incredible mood, and I love to see how she evolves over time.

  8. Maiden Xiao says:

    She is a genius!

  9. Maiden Xiao says:

    She is a genius! A true Artist

  10. orlando trout says:

    whomever calls curtains drapes and sofas couches…has no business writing about interior style or decor, all my best, as always,

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Funny, thanks for the tip! I’m quitting the blog!

      Btw, I do actually think those are technically “drapes” not curtains, and while I do know the technical difference between a couch and a sofa, I think its more of a regional thing. No one I know (in real life) calls a couch a sofa. Almost no one.

  11. Ashley says:

    You are all so naive. You must understand that Mrs. Brandolini creates rooms for her clients, with their personality and lifestyle in mind. She of course has a unique style, but she adjusts it when understanding her client. Her work could work in all of your homes… If not, then you are a bore. I would be honored to have her design my apartment, but unfortunately, I cannot afford this luxury.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Not every designer is for every client, no matter the designer’s range. I think she does beautiful work.


  1. […] bedroom shot.) This is the most tame and monochromatic that I’ve ever seen her. Her work is DEFINITELY not for everyone and its usually really colorful and eclectic. I loved seeing how she stuck to a nuetral palate with […]