I took in a stray….{Updated!}

I found this chair and ottoman near a pile of garbage on 57th and 3rd Ave. I hung around for a few minutes eyeballing it. I wasnt sure if I was the type of person who takes things out of the trash. Or how I could carry that baby home. Luckily, Sarah B. a loyal friend and sometimes blog commenter was nearby in her car and swung around to pick us up. And by us, I mean me and my new chair and ottoman.

***UPDATE: Upon further inspection, the chair has a brand: Drexel.

Doesnt it remind you of the Ebay Chair that I refinished and reupholstered last year:

Now, the only question is, what to do with it.

The options:

1. Reupholster to match/mismatch with Ebay Chair and flank my sideboard.

2. Sell on Ebay.

3. Coral Leather.

4. Keep as is and put in my bedroom.


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  1. coral leather!

  2. Simone says:

    Hello, I can’t believe u found that on the street it’s gorg! Laughing from what I imagine this moment to b like with trusty ol Sarah and he Lexus lol

  3. Hannah says:

    coral leather…i can only imagine Sarah

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    I think coral leather will be sick. Just imagine, me sitting on this chair on 3rd ave. The schools just all got out and its down the block from a McDonalds… and Sarah saving the day! It was too funny.

  5. How lucky can you be!!? Definitely recover. It is a fabulous set. I have two Drexel heritage pieces,one an armoir and they are keepers!

    Art by Karena

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I cant believe someone threw this stuff out. Its not even in bad condition!

  6. Coral leather and put it in your bedroom! What a find.

  7. Oh, and I would either lose the tufting on the ottoman, or really go all the way with it.

  8. Wow, you have a great eye- I cant believe you found this one a street corner.
    And it’s leather, so bed bug free!!!
    I like it, it’s very cool looking!

  9. Nicole Cohen says:

    Who knows if it has bed bugs! It might! I guess Ill know if I get an outbreak.

    Chedva- the tufting on the ottoman is REALLY ugly. Needs to be like super tufted.

  10. give it to me.

  11. sarah, flourish design + style says:

    unbelievable.. I too will take it as is. xx


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