Gallery Week + Affordable Art Fair in NYC

A few weeks ago I went to a Home Decor Luncheon in Brooklyn, hosted by interior designer Joyce Silverman. She had a panel of experts who lectured on a different topics: lighting, upholstery, choosing marble, landscaping and more. The luncheon offered a plethora of helpful tips (which I haven’t gotten around to posting yet! Each expert needs their own post!)

One of my favorite speakers was art consultant Margie Sarway. She spoke about how to approach buying and potentially collecting art for your home. Since there are so many amazing art fairs this week in NYC, I thought I would post some of her tips on making art approachable and not intimidating.

Margie’s tips for first time art buyers:

1. A good way to get started collecting art, is to buy prints or photography from an artist that you love. These are often more afforadable and because there are multiples you can track its value by watching the  sale prices of other pieces in the collection.

2. “Street art” is not for value but for joy… If you love it, go for it.

3. Many art schools have masters programs, and the graduates present shows before graduation. Many artists will sell their works, and it is a great way to discover artists with potential.

4. Charity art shows are another place you can look for affordable art.

5. Flea market finds, framed correctly can be the perfect thing that a room needs. they have a different look at feel and sometimes a room calls for that.

6. Buy smaller works and group them together.

7. Drawings, pottery and “works on paper” are much more afforable.

Some of Margie’s favorite online sources include:

The Saatchi Gallery

Lost Art Salon

Ebay Although she warns to be careful of dimensions!

When framing, the painting speaks for itself and dicates the frame, not the room.

When hanging, the center should be between 49″-53″ which is eye level.

This Week in NYC:

May 7-10 :  New York Gallery Week a series of events in some of NYC’s top galleries. Look for panels with artists, curators and gallery owners. You can download the schedule HERE.

May 6 -9: The Affordable Art Fair

7 W New York (7 West 34th St, near 5th Ave, NYC)

“AAF NYC is the place to discover and buy works of art from today’s hottest young talent and well-known names, with all works priced from just $100 up to $10,000.  AAF is for everyone, including the art savvy collector and the first time buyer. So come find something you love from the international array of over 70 established and emerging galleries! ”

VERY exciting stuff people.

I also want to congratulate Eddie Cohen and the rest of the artists who displayed in a charity art show last week. I really enjoyed it and would love to get involved next year!

*All images courtesy of EC Photography.

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  1. Hiii, Love this post… Al and I went to an Art fair in Paris and I had no Idea what I was doing, I was looking to purchase something, but didn’t really know how… this was so helpful thanks! Also love that you post on Facebook makes it so easy to check out your Blog, which looks awesome!



  2. Margie Sarway says:

    Wow Nicole! I didn’t think anyone was listening! I was so nervous I gave hanging height wrong- the center of the painting should be between 59″ and 62″- as Baby Boomers age and shrink the height gets lower in museums- I think they”re at 58″ now! Thanks for the mention- love the Blog!!

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    Welcome to the blog Margie!

    Not only was I listening, I was taking notes!! You were great!

  4. jen j says:

    i second caroline…love this post! feel like ur talking to me cuz im in a crazy art deficit! i need good art and cant wait to try and get to some of these galleries! thanx for the info!

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Jen- welcome to commenting!

    So happy that you got something out of the post! I am going to the affordable art fair tom afternoon. If you are interested in meeting me there, let me know.

  6. doris d says:

    wow…. laura cohen, (my niece) turned me onto ur blog, been on for hrs. i luv it! u rock, im a new fan

  7. I liked this post! <3