Could you live in a house with no walls?

We arent talking about a loft here, we are talking about a house with no EXTERNAL walls… It’s in Costa Rica and was featured in the NYTimes.

My thoughts: While I love the idea of indoor/outdoor living, I have been to Costa Rica. The bugs there look like they are on steroids. They also have  over 100 species of bats.

So, while I wouldnt mind having an indoor/outdoor space like this one, I would prefer if I also had the option of retreating into a clean air conditioned space as well.

I think their bedrooms have walls, but the kitchen is definitely open air.

What do you think?

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  1. The bit about the swarms of ants about did my head in.

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    Yea… The walls moving… A MILLION ANTS!!!ONCE A MONTH! No thanks.

  3. When I went to Costa Rica I stayed in a house that had no back wall. It was amazing! The bedrooms could be closed up but why when it was so gorgeous? That being said, I could handle one wall being gone, but all four might be a bit much.

    Rebecca June

  4. stephanie says:

    you wanna see an awesome house with no walls? check out creator of virgin brand, Richard Branson’s house. its on a private island its gorgeous. i saw it on oprah. u must see it!

  5. SARAH says:

    so stupid!! what about when it gets cold or it rains!!!