My kid could have made that!

Did you ever go to the MoMA and hear people whisper “I dont get it, my kid could have made that!” Yea, me too. A lot of people don’t get modern art.  That’s why my kid really did make it.

I did painting projects with the baby today… 

But this genius doesn’t come out of no where. I help.

Some tips for doing painting projects with a toddler…

1. Buy a drop cloth, or use an old sheet or tablecloth that you dont use or like anymore. Put it under your toddlers work space. (This is for your peace of mind, even though the paint will come out of the floor.)

2. Put the child in their highchair, or somewhere else where they cant get up and paint on your walls. If you have an craft table or an easel you can use that.

3. We use acrylic paint and canvas paper… The canvas paper is great because it comes in a pad and  you dont need to have things framed. You can just pop them into a Ribba frame. ( I buy a lot of Ribba frames and keep them on hand.)

4. I take a few different colors and put them in the bottom of a tin or aluminum tray that we use as a mixing tray.  I add a little water directly into the tray (no cup of water to wash the brush) and give her the biggest brush we have.

5. Tip: Only give them colors that wont turn into brown when mixed together! So in case you dont know much about mixing colors, dont give them all three primary colors at once. Don’t give colors that are opposite on the color wheel. This seems obvious, but trust me, its not.

6. I turn the paper for her so that the painting comes out more even.

7. Acrylic paint is water soluble (comes off with water) and comes in a ton of pre-mixed bright colors. I dont use kid paint because she doesnt eat it and acrylic paint comes in great colors.

8.  We do this activity in a diaper or a particular painting outfit, because the paint doesn’t come out of clothes.

9. Have fun, get into the action! Put on some music… Relax!

10. FRAME it! People will think its a really important work of art. And guess what? It is!

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  1. Oh, that makes me crazy when people say that! I like all of these – the pink one is really speaking to me though. If you want to sell it, call me. :)

  2. marielle says:

    Love them all. Cookie is a prodegy.

  3. No surprise, Cookie is a genius.


    Rebecca June

  4. This is gorgeous and what a great way to spend the day :)

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks everyone! You know how some parents are psycho and push their children into their own interests? Am I that mom? Am I going to be a stage art mom?

    I think having hobbies is almost more important than doing well in school. (I did well in school and where did that get me? I write a blog about my hobbies!) So my goal is to teach my children to take up hobbies from a young age.

  6. Nicole- I totally agree.
    And think how awesome it will be when she grows up and has this gorgeous art work she herself created when she was so young? I think you’re a great mom.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks! But in addition to art projects we eat a lot of grilled cheese and watch a lot of Dora… Im eh in the mothering department.

  7. Esther Ezon Samadi says:

    I love that you paint with your daughter! So cute, and great at developing her creative side! Found your blog, love it, love all your DYI’s… you must have crazy patience – all my DYI’s end up in the office closet half done… (later to be thrown in the garbage) or hanging in the office… favorite so far is the shower painting… cool technique.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks!!! Its a lot of fun too… and of all the projects I do, half end up in the garbage and not on the blog!