The importance of being Ernest.

Hemingway, of course. He has been on my mind quite a lot lately.

First, I stumbled into the Hemingway African Art Gallery a few days ago, where I met the owner, who used to be partners with Gregory AKA Gloria Hemingway. (A FASCINATING story.) Gregory’s son still works there sometimes…. and apparently I can meet him if I go in on the right day!

Then, I ate in Cafe Select for lunch today, which reminded me of “The Select” in Paris, where Hem and the rest of the “Lost Generation” expats hung about cafes drinking, smoking, writing and people watching. Sounds so fabulous. Hemingway is one of my favorite writers. And I’m not just saying that. I read all his books, twice or thrice. (I have an interesting habit when reading books: I read everything one writer wrote all at once. Then I move on to their friends or fellow countrymen. Or I read the first novel of every writer I like in a row, kinda like I am in still in school.)

I did some googling tonight and found these  pictures of his homes in Cuba. For those of you who dont know, Hemingway was the ultimate manly man. Hunter, fisherman, skier, bull runner, war veteran, etc. (although he writes a lot about emasculation -Poor Jake Barnes!) so the wall mounts and bullfighting posters are not surprising. I love the first picture of the dining room!

And in case you didnt know, he killed himself. And so did his father, his two siblings, and his granddaughter… Not including  his son Gloria, who also had a strange death. WOW. Those are some scary genes!

In my search, I also found the apartment of blogger sisters Hollister Hovey. Here it is with black walls. Looks like Ernest would fit right in.

Here it is after a recent paint job: So in conclusion: I love Heminway and you should reread all his books, and this apartment is making me reconsider my former treatise on antlers and taxidermy. Actually, I think I’m still a no on the taxidermy.

AND, Surprise! I am going to Paris next month with hubby! Woo hoo!!

Photos via Hemingway’s Paris, Apartment Therapy and Holister Hovey.

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  1. Paris? Jealous! I too am a big Hemingway fan, so I loved this post! Years ago we went to visit his home (museum) in Key West…it was pretty amazing!

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    So jealous that you went to his house! I am such a dork.