One Polaroid Camera, please

I’m a huge sucker for instant gratification. And retro-ness… This re-edition Polaroid camera is only $89 which makes it a pretty cool mother’s day gift (if your mom likes that kinda thing!) And it comes in a few different colors.

Don’t believe me that this is cool? Look at the pictures that 1/2 of Hollister Hovey is taking with a camera for a little blog she calls The Porter Hovey Polariod Project.

What are you going to with these pictures? Tuck them into your vanity mirror.

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  1. So cool! I think I just found what I want for my engagement-anniversary.

  2. Look up Michael Kennedy he is a huge polaroid photographer and he is amazing. He is selling some of his pieces, which are not so expensive, but worth a lot as polaroid film will be obsolete soon. Nothing like polaroids!

  3. jamie s. says:

    just saw a ton of these cameras on the manaquins in saks and bloomies on sunday …love it!!

  4. My first camera was a Polaroid! I’m going to look into getting one of these! I use a Canon G12 now but this would make an awesome carry-a-round camera. If nothing else, it’s a nostalgic piece of equipment for me!