In the round

I’m considering…. a round dining table.

Cozier than a rectangle… Arent they?

Images from Elle Decor via the World Wide Web.

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  1. hannah says:

    i love round dining tables

  2. We have a round dining table and it’s so much easier to talk to everyone at the table. Much more social!

  3. Renee Dweck says:

    I also love round tables… the turqouise and white in first pic.
    ps-whenever we go out to dinner in a large crowd i always call first and ask for a round table—-so much more inclusive and everyones into the convo!!

  4. So much cosier! Ours is a combo…a long oblong table, but the chairs go all around. Love all your pics, especially the third one, that artwork is gorgeous.

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    It is definitely cozier… I like an oval too… You can just keep squeezing people in!

  6. A round table is especialy fantastic with a lazy susan in it. Your dinning table will always be a conversation piece, which is awsome when guest come over.