I’m going rogue…

I’m going rogue with the table setting tonight… But I am having some cool people over so I think they can handle it.  First, I used a scrap of  Ikea PS TOTT fabric that I had left over from my bulletin board project, and I threw it on the table… I like that it doesnt cover the entire table’s width, and that the front and back edges are cut not sewn.

I used my basic white dishes instead of my “fancy” ones, but I mixed them with the gold silverware that I normally use with my other set.

I used black linen napkins in lucite napkin rings from Barney’s, and woven wicker placemats from Pottery Barn.

I used a gold leaf tray from home goods for my challah… The two black studded vases are also from home goods. The center one is from Ikea and I think it is probably the best $39 dollars I ever spent!

Oh yea, and me and my florist are getting quite chummy. I think Im developing a tad of an addiction!

Chic or EEK? Tell me now so I can change it before my friends come over!

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Black and white stripes Cool tables cloths
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  1. Simone says:

    Very sharp
    enjoy ur company
    shabbat shalom
    (ps-think I’M a little addicted to ur blog lol)

  2. I like you rogue.


    Rebecca June

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks Guys!

    Simone – Welcome to the comments! Thanks for being addicted!

  4. hannah says:

    love it! especailly the lucite napkin rings and your kiddush cup….if i was in the city i would have dropped you challah! and im addicted to your blog too!

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Hannah– I totally need your Challah, the Zomicks ones taste like glue!

  6. very cool. now it depends if the food is good!

  7. Nicole Cohen says:

    WELL… Im pretty sure the food is gonna suck tonight. I tried to make up recipes.

  8. OMG! You rock girlie! LOVE your table setting! The goldware is so fab….my Aunt, who is in her mid eighties…gave me a set of goldware that she had owned in the 60s. My Aunt rocks, she wears leather pants and does yoga…and that does not even begin to scrape the surface of how cool she is! Have a a great dinner…actually, it already is!

  9. Nicole Cohen says:

    Your aunt sounds awesome! I love the goldware! Its so retro and cool.

  10. gayhooker says:

    I’d love to play connect the dots over dinner with you anytime

  11. Vivian Nakash says:

    this table looks awesome. love the black studded vases! can’t wait to go to deal so i can go to home goods! there isn’t one in the city right?
    i need lucite napkin rings…i saw ones in barney’s for $20 each, but anywhere to get cheaper ones?

  12. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks VIv- there is no home goods in the city, there is one in staten island that I hear is AWESOME and one in NJ thats supposedly only 20 minutes away.

    The lucite napkin rings were from Barney’s for $20 each, but I bought them 3 years ago so I dont know if they are the same ones you saw! I will look into the whole lucite napkin ring thing for u!

  13. That’s the coolest Shabbat table I’ve ever seen. Well done!

  14. I really like it…especially those lucite napkin rings, so cool!
    Hey where are all the chairs from??

    Jen Ramos

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      They are from plexi-craft.com…. one of the best sources for lucite! Thanks!

  15. love that look!

  16. SO chic! i’m new to your blog and pretty much drooling over your dining room.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank you! I want to change that Ikea table so badly!

  17. Regine says:

    table is gorgeous and looked even more beautiful in person! polka dots are my FAVE! and by the way the food was really delicious ;) thanks for having us!!

  18. ok seriously I thought this was from a magazine shoot or something- your table is amazeballs- I LOVE it! and I never would have guessed that was Ikea fabric- I must check the fabric section out now!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks!!! Guess what, the table was from ikea too!

  19. Jamie says:

    Where did you get the table?
    I really really like it!


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