Diet Coke + Karl Lagerfeld

Is my idea of heaven! He redesigned the bottles and shot the campaign. Unfortunately the bottles are only available in Paris.

Karl supposedly lost 91 pounds in 2001 drinking nothing but Diet Coke and eating steamed veggies. To see what he looked like as a fatty, go here… it’s also from whence I lifted the pics and info. Maybe my new fave blog.

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  1. OMG! She is hilarious! Srsly, will try very hard not to resent you b/c a. you (still) live in NYC in a kick ass apt…I was pulled kicking and screaming away ala Green Acres…and b. you find such fun stuff like THAT! I miss NYC…{sniffle}.

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    I know, she is so funny…. Zhush, I thank my lucky stars every freakin day that I still live in nyc… I grew up in Brooklyn( not the cool parts) and I have friends with babies moving back there by the second. My hubs knows that I will withhold children if having them means I must move out of NYC!

  3. gayhooker says:

    I’m so starting that diet

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thats pretty much my diet. But I add in salad and sometimes pizza. Oh yea and salt and vinegar potato chips.

  4. Hey, my dad is from Brooklyn, and there were no cool parts back then…and one of my best friends from college…Spumani Gardens mean anything to you?

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Best pizza ever! I grew up right around there. And I was just talking to one of my friends who still lives there cause she went tonight! I told her its the best thing about the whole borough! Did you ever go to di fara?