Are we gonna talk about the elephant in the room?

In other words, Hiedi Montag Pratt trying to cry yesterday on TV?

My heart was breaking for her parents, trying to make sense of the frankenstien their daughter has become. You could see their eyes watering up as “where did we go wrong” was like a mantra on repeat in their brains. I know where, SPENCER.

Those poor, simple, sweet mountain folk raised a sweet adorbale daughter in a delightful town. Sure, she stuffed her bra with water balloons once in a while, but who knew it would come to this?


Whitney Eve  Port and The City.


1. I still cant figure out why they all left DVF.

2. Where oh where did ROXY come from and what happened to that other cool friend WHIT used to have? I liked her.

3. Its SO obvious that Elle is trying SO HARD to keep Olivia on staff just so that MTV will be shooting in their offices. The phrase “good for the magazine” is oft repeated in conjuntion with Olivia, and I just want to say, “We are not stupid”. She is so incompetent in every way, and so terrible at her job, there is no way they would let her work their if it werent being filmed. And if they really think she is good at her job, well then, ELLE, hire me or a billion other bloggers! I can select accessories from here to kingdom come, and I wont bitch at you either.

4. Whitney Eve  and the Fashion Show:

I liked it. It was girly, as I would expect from her, and sweet.

What do you think of her line? Would you buy it? You can HERE.

Also on TV last night… 9 by Design:

I cant find a picture of the Boxing Gym that they redid… I will keep looking for you.

This show makes me think I could have a totally different life just by:


Thoughts people?

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  1. Marielle says:

    hahahah that picture u snapped of Heidi crying is wrong on so many levels..(insert raspy tranvestite-sounding voice here)”you dont think i look good?” LOL. on another note, i LOVED whitneys line! adorable.

  2. O.M.G. Heidi is such a trainwreck! It’s a tragedy!

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    On the plus side… She isnt on drugs yet.

    Kristin is GROSS. Forgot to say that in my post.

  4. Heidi broke my heart last night. She was so lovely in her befores…now she is morphing into a Wildenstein, clearly there are bigger mental issues here. It was very sad. As much as I adore and route for that adorable Whitney…I could never ever wear those clothes, waaaay too young for moi!

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    I agree. Those clothes are 25 and under.

  6. Laura c says:

    Heidi looks ten years older with all that plastic surgery- what she will do for attention is insane. If the media stopped paying attention to her, maybe her and spencer would just go away. They make me not want to read us weekly, and that is a travesty my friends

  7. Nicole Cohen says:

    Laura- I, on the other hand, am fascinated and cannot look away. Bought an US at the grocery store that had Audrina, Kristin and Hiedi on the cover. Read every word of the article.

  8. I am loving this, I’m a Hills and City fan from day one and am dying because you are ahead with the hills, we’re not that far yet.
    However I am 100% in agreeance regarding the City and had exactly the same thoughts as you. Totally agree about DVF and Roxy and I too really liked her other friend, was it Erin? And yes Elle saga is way too obvious.
    Love you’re reality show commentary :)

  9. Nicole Cohen says:

    Sarah- I dont think I gave away any vital plot twists… lol… not like there are any! Both shows are just the type of train wreck I enjoy!


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