A not so secret garden.

After 2 torturous days of rain, NYC has burst into bloom literally OVERNIGHT! Its amazing, one day there were no flowers, now every tree is displaying full regalia!

Every year, New Yorkers and tourists flock to the Macy’s flower show. I just got home.

It reminds me of The Garden Collection at H&M right now, which I saw yesterday…  I loved all the prints, but a lot of the shapes were a little too baby doll for me. I did buy that tie-dye  skirt!

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  1. Macy’s usually gives me a large headache…but this looks amazing! And, I want that h and m sweatshirty jackety thing, (in the second image!)

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    Haha… I havent been there for something other than the flower show in years. (Maybe ever?)

    When I was younger I LOVED H&M. But now I cant buy as much stuff there for a few reasons. A. my 12 year old sister might have it. B. It will fall apart in a few weeks. And C. they stopped taking American Express credit card for 2 years. I am happy to say that it is back on though!

  3. wow!! that photo is amazing!!! can i stick my nose in it please??

  4. Those pictures of flowers look gorgeous- better than in person.
    I think I even spotted the blogger and baby in one photo!!