Retro Chic: Bar Carts

Reprinted from The Jewish Hostess.

One part nostalgia, and two parts chic, bar carts and bars in general are a must for holiday parties.

This is my own vintage bar cart. I am about to de-stock it for Passover and I decided to post about it because there is nothing more essential to entertaining than a good bar area. It doesnt have to be a cart. If you purpose out a desk or a console as your bar, it is just as good!

Lately, bar carts have been everywhere in the design world. From the late Domino Magazine that LOVED them, to a recent article in the New York Times featuring the bar cart of fellow blogger Eddie Ross, bar carts are bringing back that romantic notion of “Cocktail Hour.”

The trick to having a chic bar cart is quantity and repetition. You want your guests to feel like the drinks are abundant, not like they shouldn’t drink the last of the Vodka! (To all of you non drinkers, even your sodas and Pellegrinos can be set up on a bar. But, I DO NOT want to see a 2 liter bottle of soda on your bar cart! )

Stock your bar with tons of glasses in different heights, an ice bucket, chic coasters, cans of soda, sparkling and flat water. Display cut limes and lemons in fancy bowls.

For Passover, make sure you have plenty of wine around, since it is one of the few liquors that are Kosher for Passover! You need an easy to use corkscrew on hand!

If you dont have a bar car or even a table you can use a tray to display your drinks and get the same effect.

A tiny bouquet and a small bowl of olives dress up this little tray.

Decanters, martini shakers come in all shapes and sizes and are a great addition to the bar area.

You can also make a signature cocktail for the evening and leave it on the bar in a pretty pitcher. Sangria is a Passover favorite at my house because you can use all the left-over wine!

Make sure your bar is in an area that is easily accessible. Bar carts roll around, that’s why they are ideal for parties.

Have a Happy Passover!! Read more of my articles on entertaining at The Jewish Hostess.

Photos Via The Errant AEsthete, Style Redux, and Domino.
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  1. Ilana says:

    I am always on the hunt for a cool bar cart, any suggestions?

  2. yours is cool! why destock for passover?

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    Ilana – I like this one from Restoration Hardware, I think William Sonoma Home also has one!

    MFAMB- because a lot of the liquor is made from wheat and other grains that you arent allowed to use during the holiday… Its really crazy, we cant eat a ton of things, not just bread.

  4. Anna says:

    Hi Nicole,

    thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment…very sweet of you!
    Am enjoying browsing through your inspirational posts!!…and agree with Jenny ( MFAMB) why destock..I absolutely love that bar cart!! It would make a great side table too? If we didnt live on different sides of the world I would be begging you to pass it me ; ) x

  5. Nicole Cohen says:

    Hey Anna,

    Glad you stopped by! I am only temporary removing the liquor for passover because its not kosher for passover! Scotch and beer are made from grains. You are supposed to remove it from your house all together or temporarily sell it to someone for the holiday and keep it covered.

    When passover is over I will be restocking ASAP!!!