A Novel Idea

I know how to design a bookcase, I know how to buy the books, I know how to read the books…. BUT I sure as hell don’t know how to style them!

I had a novel idea, that apparently everyone already knows about:  Take the jackets off the books! Here is one section of my bookcase (there are 3 like this) The top shelf is filled with all the books that I have read in the bath and have since exploded, lost pages and split in two, aka the giveaway pile. (The sad thing is that these are some of my favorites.) The next two levels are semi-styled and color coded. The fourth one is the one that I took all the book jackets off of. Note to self: buy hardcover books. The bottom has design books and cookbooks.

I know you are supposed to leave the shelves a little more open, but honestly, I have so many books that I dont have room to leave space and to add too many knick knacks. And the foo dogs were like $12 in Home Goods, so no judgement please!

For some tips on styling a bookcase (that I didnt follow, but they look good) go HERE.

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  1. Marielle says:

    they look good!

  2. I agree; it’s the hardest thing ever. I have tons of books and once covered them ALL in white paper for effect. Non-decor types scoffed. I liked it but did eventually un-cover them. Then I tried turning them around so that the spines were inside, pages facing out, a la Pottery Barn. Liked that, too. Non-decor types scoffed again. Guess it boils down to the fact that I like changing them up a lot. Us decor-types are like that, ya know!

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    I like the covered book idea, and the turn them around idea, but how did you ever find them? That is what is preventing me from doing either of those two options. I used to group them by author and genre, but that didnt look good!