Yarn Bombing.

My sister just told me to google Yarn Bombing. Have any of you heard of this? Its basically the knit version of graffiti. Very cool stuff. Read about it on the Yarn Bombing blog.
I really hope this comes to NYC. Although, the yarn would probably get black and sooty pretty quickly. How cool is this?

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  1. stephanie says:

    my grandma started teaching me to knit a year ago. i love it! this is really awesome and inspiring!

  2. cool as hell. things covered in yarn just needs to be the norm.

  3. They did this to the trees in the NYC suburb I grew up in — it seems really pretty at first, but it got some environmentalists up in arms! I guess it can harm the tress?

    You’d think environmentalists and knitters were two groups of people that could find a way to get along!

  4. Hello
    I’m working as a volunteer in Fiji (I’m from Australia) coordinating textiles workshops and want to put together a powerpoint presentation to inspire some of the craftspeople here about what is possible with textiles. I’d love to show your crocheted bus and a couple of other images. Would you mind? I would acknowledge you and let the groups know who you are. A lot of the people I will work with won’t have their own computers or any internet access as I will be working with a lot of unemployed and very poor people. it is amazing and inspiring work.
    Kind regards
    Sarah Toohey


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