Rugs in a dining room: Yes or No?

On one hand I think it is rather stupid to put a ten thousand dollar rug under the table where people eat (and spill). On the other hand, it defines the area, adds coziness and lessens the echoey feel of hard wood.

My lucite dining room chairs are so heavy and their bottoms are getting all scratched up on the wood floor, so I am considering putting a rug under them.

These people actually own The Rug Company, their home is featured in this months Vogue.

Dining room By Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange.

This last photo is a room designed by Jamie Drake for The Manhattan House model apartments, where the 2008 Kips Bay Showhouse was held.

See that gorgeous piece of art in the background? That is by Irene Mamiye, a photographer whose large scale abstract photos are gorgeous, and attracting the attention of a lot of interior designers. Something about them makes them the kind of art that you actually want to have in your home. They look good in rooms, not just in galleries.
Sisal seems to be a popular in dining rooms, although I hear that it does stain, and I imagine that it would be hard to clean mushed food out of all those fibers.

Sleek and modern with no rug, and I think that is grasscloth in the background. It’s the work of one my favorite designers Sara Story.

The dining room of Eddie Ross & Jaithan’s country home, as featured in the premiere issue of Lonny. Those rustic floors are too pretty to cover up!

Bunny Williams’ Bee Line designed this room for the Kips Bay Showhouse last year. You can actually buy a lot of the furniture they featured in this room.

Not sure where this is from … But I like it.  Monique Lhuillier’s dining room from the house that brought GRAY back. 

Kelly Wearstler’s dining room. I have the urge to just smash all that crap on the floor, which is bare. I LOVE those chairs though.

What do you think: Yes or no?

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  1. irene says:

    loving the new blog look

  2. i have issues with rugs in general. i love the way they look but with cats i am always wary of them. my cats like to take shits and then smear their asses on the rug as a sort of giant piece of toilet paper. its awesome.

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks Irene!

    MFAMB- I know what you mean, I dont have cats but my parents dog sometimes does that. AND I have actually seen kids do it. Much grosser when a kid does it.

  4. usualy id say no but im head ova heels 4 the jonathan adler room. so if its that sharp then yessssss!

  5. I’m all for rugs in the dining room. I bought a dark one on clearance from Pottery Barn, so I don’t lose it too bad when people spill red wine (which of course happened our very first party.)

  6. Hey, nice story. I just now stumbled on your blog and am already a fan. :)

  7. Sharon says:

    love your blog. also love the look of a rug in a dining room. haven’t done it in mine… a dog, traffic, more to clean.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks Sharon! I like a rug in a dining room… but I have a kid too… I just cant see doing it anytime soon!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks Sharon! I like a rug in a dining room… but I have a kid too… I just cant see doing it anytime soon!