Pretty pictures from other people’s blogs.

Today I am lazy and I am doing a roundup of my favorite pics that I snatched from your blogs. I’m only linking back to the blog that I saw the photos featured on, I cant go and trace them all back to their original sources. Anyway, enjoy and be sure to check out these blogs ’cause they each have many pretty photos to see today!

First up, the craziest DIY I have ever seen come to fruition. An Imperial Trellis STENCIL. I actually wanted to do this when I first saw how much the paper cost. But then I came to my senses and bought the paper. Kudos to you Hello Gorgeous! I LOVE it!!! Btw, my bedroom features the paper in black.

Next up, this photo from the Visual Vamp, who wrote about dining benches today. Love this photo but I wouldnt do a bench in my house ’cause I don’t think its so comfortable. 

Peonies in Paris. This photo is so lovely. Stolen from My Favorite and My Best

I love this living room featured on A Perfect Gray, a blog dedicated to the hue of the moment, that perfect gray that isn’t depressing and is light and fluffy, yet totally glamorous. 

I should be president of the I Like Clutter Club. I loved this post at Everything LEB so much that I snagged two photos. 

This is the work of designer Sara Gilbane featured on Eclectic Interior Design Blog. I LOVE that bench, especially when it’s near those garden stools. 

And last, ruffles from Rebecca June.

Have a nice day!!

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  1. Gorgeous round up of images!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention. Loved your grouping of photos. Well done!