Guest Blogging For Rebecca June

One of the best things about blogging is meeting cool people from around the world. Well, I cant actually call it meeting cause we have never met!! Becca is off in Vegas hunting for the next best things, so we decided I should fill in for her for a day. Check out my post.

In other news… there have been many fabulous updates at Casa Cohen (Cant believe I just wrote that SO CHEESY). Just a sneak peak… The windows that I have labored over for months… are finally finished. Thanks to Nick Olsen who figured out what to with all the crazy beams all over the place!!! I think they look really fabulous and I would like to stop and take a minute here to talk about wooden blinds. I have never had any or used any before. THEY ROCK! The most convenient possible thing to have on your windows. Too bright in here? turn the little stick! Too dark? Turn it again! Want to sleep in? Turn them with the edges facing up and they are as good as black outs. You never have to raise or lower them. Am I the only person in America who didn’t know about this? Romans are a MEGA pain in the ass compared to these! I actually think they look good too…

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  1. So chic and so glad I could help!! Couldn’t agree more about wood Venetian blinds … a no-brainer.

  2. cheri says:

    wow!! really looks great! your good!