Time Warner Sucks!

I literally loathe Time Warner Cable. It is probably one of the worst functioning companies I have ever been exposed to.

A few reasons:

1. My TV never works.

2. My Internet is slow. Glacial.

3. My phone line is linked to the internet and sometimes they both go down and I have an iphone, so it does happen that I am effectively cut off from the outside world.

My main complaint is the cable.Let me tell you about how bad it is:

The remote never seems to turn on the cable and tv with one push of a button. It always takes about four or five intense pushes for me to get the tv on.

Then I try to hit guide or list. There is a nice lag on the screen and it may or may not go blank for a few seconds.

If I push the select up button(not channel up, the other one) it scrolls up uncontrollably until I turn off the TV.

The sound often cuts out for endless periods of time. I then have to reboot the box.

We called and complained about the box, and they gave us a new one, which was even worse!!! The lag was unbearable. So we called again, and they brought us back the old one. It seems that no matter what, they cant provide us with a product that works!

What are some other options for cable in NYC? What have you guys heard about Fios? RCN? Direct TV?

For a couple as obsessed with technology (and tv) as we are, these technological problems are unacceptable!!!!

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  1. Laura c says:

    I have Cablevision and i long for the days when i had time warner. Cablevision is so much worse you have no idea. You have to click on ten different buttons to get to where you want to go. The screen goes black if you leave your tv on-its just the stupidest machine i have ever had.

    Directv is good, but there is no on demand and no reception in a bad storm.

  2. VeteranfromPennsylvania says:

    I have had good cable reception from Time Warner for a total of two weeks OUT OF THE LAST EIGHT YEARS! My internet has up to 40% packet loss–when it works. I can’t use a dish because of all the trees around my neighborhood.Time Warner just keeps sending techs out who say there is a bad node in the area. They never repair or replace the node. Our crappy corrupt government allowed Time Warner to have this cable monopoly, and now I and everyone around the Erie area have to cut down all the trees to get dish, or get down on our knees and gag on it!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thank god my building is getting Fios. I feel for you!


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