The Ultimate Basement Playroom

At some point in a young family’s life, Manhattan can become a little bit snug. People with 2+ kids often move to brooklyn where the houses are bigger, the schools are cheaper and family members are closer.

So many of them tell me the same thing: The best thing about moving into a house is finally having a basement playroom for the kids.

A month or two ago, I went to visit my sister in law’s new house and I was astonished at how beautiful, colorful and fun her basement was! This room was cuter than most of the preschools I have been touring!

I begged her to let me take some pictures so I can put it on the blog and to give me the scoop on how she did it!

First she picked out this rug from Flor. Adorable and easily replaceable! Perfect for a playroom.

Then she had the painter paint the wall turquoise and purple, two colors that she pulled from the Flor tiles.

Next she chose a huge Ikea wall unit that came with those adorable bins. She had Eric from Ikea Alternative Delivery pick it up and put it together. (If you are pregnant-like she is-or just plain sane, I really, really recommend him!)

She bought the arts and crafts table from Land of Nod and the stools are also from Ikea.  The scary thing is, that aside from those few things, she already HAD all of these toys that were somehow tucked away into her Manhattan apartment! Somehow she managed to keep all of these toys in her two girls’ rooms because I never saw a stray toy in the living room!

This is another view of the room, and includes the best part. The TV faces an Ikea Couch. BUT, its on a swivel and it can be turned to face the treadmill!  The kids can play in their little room while mom or dad get their workout on from just a few feet away! This setup is so awesome that neighbors and friends have been coming over with kids in tow to work out!

The princess vanity, Elmo kitchen and dollhouse make this basement the ultimate little girl HEAVEN! 

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  1. Laura c says:

    literally the best playroom i have ever seen. When can i bring my baby over to play?

  2. Steven C says:

    It looks like she put so much effort into their basement that they probably don’t have any furniture in their living room. That poor husband…

  3. Victoria says:

    It’s so funny that I saw this posting yesterday, because my FLOR samples just arrived today. After picking a white-and-baby-blue gingham carpet for my boy’s room (that was before they were born), I feel like I need FLOR in their new playroom because I don’t want to be a slave to the carpet. The ability to pick up a tile and clean, or replace if it’s really bad, is really appealing.

    They’re also so cheap compared to wall-to-wall (the room is too big for remnants).

    I need to talk to your sister-in-law! Is she happy with FLOR? Is it hard to vacuum? The seams seems to be an issue with the solid colors.