You talk, I listen

After that drapes and shades talk last week… I finally hauled my butt down to the garment district (Why is it that it is only 20 blocks away, yet feels like another universe!!) and found some fabric that I am loving. I didnt want silk, cause the rooms is already too much for me, and I didnt want linen cause its too casual. So guess what I  found: wool. I feel like it is luxurious without being over the top. Then I went over to my hub’s store and got me some trimming. What do you guys think about these trims: should I do two rows of the thinner version: like the one all the way to the right, or the fat one?

Hmmmm…. the choices….. I could also do that squiggly one on top, a leather trim, fringe etc…. But I am liking the simplicity of these here.

I just wanted you all to know that I took your advice, and your patience was not in vain.

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  1. The wool sounds amazing and I am thinking the two rows of the far right trim would look the best.


    Rebecca June

  2. ilana says:

    I like the squiggly one on top it compliments your wallpaper.

  3. I like the two rows on the far right too. Send photos when you’re done.