There is a reason designers and design blog hounds alike adore kids rooms with matching twin beds: Pairs. Designers love pairs and symmetry and a pair of twin beds with matching linens and bolsters appeal to everyone’s sensibilities. Whether used in a guest room or as a kids room, twin beds work because they are neat and are basically the bed version of x-benches.

Domino used to have an amazing gallery of rooms with twin beds. Damn.

Most of these rooms are really playful even though they aren’t juvenile and I think thats why they really work.

Recipe for an awesome room:

1.Two upholstered Headboards, preferably in a pattern or color. Simple and sweet.

2. 2 rolls, or 2 throw pillows. Think pattern or color.

3. 1 funky nightstand. Think unexpected. The bedroom that shook the blogosphere. Why? The beds are from Target! Via Matters of Style

4. A pair of perches at the end of the bed.

5. 1 striped rug.Via Alkemie.

La Dolce Vita.

6. 1 quirky lamp.

7. A canopy or two. Via La Dolce Vita.

8. Hotel bedding, preferably monogramed.Via Fric & Frac

Via Little Green Notebook. She freakin made those. And the rest of the room with her BARE HANDS!  9. Roman shades, preferably with grosgrain ribbon trim.Via Matters of Style.  10. A round mirror. Via La Doce Vita.

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  1. My husband and my future child better not complain, but I will have a child whose bedroom looks like one of the ones above. It is a fact.


    Rebecca June