The best of my harebrained schemes.

So I know I polled you guys about what fabric I should use for my little cork board, information center. BUT, then I went to Ikea and I saw this adorable fabric that was along the same lines so I bought some, just to see if I liked it…. I also bought a cork board there too… Then I went to the art store and bought some spray glue and a staple gun. I dont know how I lived so long with out those two.

This is pretty much the easiest and most successful project I have ever done. Usually, my DIY projects end up costing a fortune and making a HUGE mess. But this one was damage free and took 10 minutes!


1. Spray the cork board with the glue.

2. Center the fabric, leave about 4 inches extra on each side.

3. Lay the fabric on the cork board.

4. Rub out all of the bubbles. I wrapped the fabric around the frame because I thought it looked cool.

5. Then I stapled the back of the fabric to the cork board for extra hold and trimmed the excess. The trickiest part was getting the corners to look good. You have to master some sort of hospital corner.

And you are done! That’s it! So easy and cute!!
Now I have to get the hubby to  hang it! I dont hang things by myself because as my hubby says I am not the “measure twice, cut once” type of girl.

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  1. I love it!

    Ikea can really make your day sometimes. Well, it can if no one else is at Ikea with you!

    My hubs and I do home projects together and we acknowledge that during the project we are ‘divorced’ because we both think we know how to do it better than the other. Then when it is done we are ‘married’ again.


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Haha…. He doesnt help with the projects, he just hangs them later and he is totally pissed. Sometimes I just pay the super to hang things because hubby doesnt want to.

  2. love it! my ikea does not have that adorable fabric. just the multicolored leafy ones.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I was so shocked when I saw that fabric there…. I guess you never know what you will find…

      I think the fabric would be so cute upholstered in a kids room… or you could even make pillows out of it and if you cut up the fabric and resewed it, it would look like those madeline weinrib pillows… well not really, but almost.

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